Need help with Whirlpool direct drive washer no spin

e50095September 3, 2010

I would really appreciate some technical advice on this one. Here's what I have. A five year olf Whirlpool direct drive washer. It fills, agitates, drains, but does not spin. On the spin cycle, when I look underneath, I hear the motor running, see the motor coupler spinning, and see the clutch spinning. I've tried to research as much as I can, but I'm at a crossroads. I understand that since the motor runs, the lid switch, although a common problem, is good. I also read that since it agitates and the clutch is spinning, the coupler is good. If those are both true, I'm now lost. I read a little about the drive block, and possible transmission problems, but I ned advice on where to go from here. I sincerely appreciate any input you can provide.

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It could be a clutch problem. If it was the coupler, you wouldn't get any agitating action either. See what the shaft is doing when in spin mode. If it's not spinning, most likely it's a clutch. Not an expensive repair.

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I replaced the clutch thinking that was the joy. Can I assume the transmission is okay since the clutch was spinning?

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If the clutch drum (shiny chrome disc atop the tranmission) turns during spin, then the problem is not inside the transmission. If it doesn't spin then all, or at least part, of the problem is inside the tranny.

Is the lid switch accessible to trigger it manually with the lid open? If so, set the machine to spin, press the lid switch to get it going, and manually turn the basket clockwise. Does that help the spin get going? The spin brake may not be releasing if you can't turn the basket or it's very difficult to turn.

This link is a service manual for direct-drive washers at Whirlpool's tech site.

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You're the man, brother. Pulled the pump/tranny/motor assembly out and you hit it the nail on the head. The brake was hanging up. A little cleaning and reinstall and I'm good to go. Six loads down with no problems. I had checked for what a replacement machine would be, and a new Kenmore Elite is $925. My total investment on the new clutch was $50. Can't tell you how much I appreciate your help.

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