Miele advice. Will Miele splitter work with Non-Miele dryer?

davenSeptember 10, 2013

I have a 220V Miele washer and we have moved to a rental house. The laundry room is extremely far from the main panel and we don't have a gas hookup available. I am planning on a non-Miele electric dryer. Will the Miele 220V splitter box allow a dryer that needs more than 15 amps to function as long as both washer and dryer are not on at the same time?

If not, is there any other solution available?


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Don't have the specs handy, but i'm all but sure the Miele splitters allow up to 240V/15A to each of the two outlets before an independent circuit breaker trips. Many 24" or 60cm wide electric dryers draw less than 15A or 12A even though they may be fitted with thick AWG10 wiring and plugs designed to fit common North American 240v dryer outlets. If your dryer's placard says it draws less than 12A at 240V, it should work with the spare Miele adapter outlet if the plug is properly adapted. (Some 240v/30a dryers had a low setting that doesn't draw over 15A; not sure if there are any still made that way. A large American-style (27" to 30"w ) electric dryer runs on 208/240V/30A and won't get enough juice from the Miele outlets. If you were willing to run one at a time, you could unplug the splitter panel/Miele washer and plug the dryer into the 30A wall outlet when you're done washing. Be careful with that mix of high voltage, high amperage, and ambient water though, won't ya?

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Thanks Lee. New dryer pulls 26 amps. We will just go with the plug/unplug route as we plan to be buying in a year or so.

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