American Baking Competition

sally2_gwJuly 13, 2013

Has anyone else watched this show? I know I'm posting about it a little too late, as I believe it's over now. I tape shows and watch them later, so I haven't seen the finale yet, so don't spill the beans, if you please.

Anyway, I have really enjoyed this show simply because it's been about the food. The contestants and judges have been totally civil and kind to each other, although the judges are not afraid to criticize, they do it constructively. There's no game playing, no making the constants scheme against each other. They just have to do their best to create whatever the judges tell them to make. All that and it's got Jeff Foxworthy. What's not to like?

I'm looking forward to seeing the finale, although I don't have a favorite contestant. I like them all. I hope this series is a keeper for the network.


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I've seen almost all the shows and have really enjoyed the series.
As you say, it's free of the all backbiting and nastiness that the other shows have. I've also learned a few things. I like that it's just about baking. Hope they have another season.

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That's why I like Australian MasterChef. The judges are very kind even when they're telling the competitors why their food wasn't up to scratch, and offer suggestions as to how to do it better next time. (Actually while the contestants are cooking the judges will point out if they think the competitor is going to come to grief about something.) And the competitors all are supportive of each other. The few who've tried the gamesmanship thing (I can only think of one, really) are not liked by the viewers and don't get far ultimately.

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I watched all episodes, and loved it, made me want to eat cakeâ¦..

It's only 7 episodes long, I bought it on ITunes.

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Does it show you the steps the contestants take to create their items? That's one of my major peeve's with most cooking shows, too much drama and chatter, too little cooking!

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It does a little bit, more than most shows like this, but not all the steps, as there's just not enough time to do so. They have 3 rounds in each episode. Each week they focus on a type of baking; for instance, the first week it was pie. The first round is their signature dish, where they have to make their signature pie. Then, the second round is the technical bake, where they are given the ingredients for a certain kind of pie, and vague instructions of what to do. The object of this is to test their knowledge of making that certain kind of pie. Lastly, they have to make a "Showstopper." That's where they have to make the same general type of pie, such as a fruit pie, but they can vary it to put their own spin on it. In each round, especially the technical bake, it's explained to the audience what needs to be done, and what the judges are looking for. But in each round, they do explain what each contestant is doing, or trying to do, but they don't go into great detail.

It's been a fun show. I have yet to watch the final episode. Maybe I will tonight.


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I liked the variety of desserts they had to make, from soufflés to napoleons to tarte tartin, they also did bread and petits fours, croquembouche, etc... it's a competition so they don't show all the baking steps but you see them in action. Presentation was a big factor also.
The judges know their stuff and had high expectations and would point out what failed or not and why.

The winner gets a cookbook published ( I'm not saying who won) and $250,000.

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I did finally watch the finale. I didn't care who won, as I liked them all. It was an interesting finale, having to make something peanutty, some Boston Cream Donuts, and then lots and lots of little individual deserts, 24 each of 4 different kinds. Talk about a difficult challenge. I sure couldn't do all they had to do.

I hope the show is back again next summer.


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