105w cfl torchiere

JetsamroverJanuary 3, 2014

Hi, I'm trying to set my folks up with a living room lighting solution. Its a big room, but is currently dark and poorly lit. They don't want more lamps they have to turn on, nor do they want to install any recessed lighting.

First I admit I know nothing on the subject.

I was wondering if anyone has experience or recommendations about using a 150w incandescent torchiere lamp with a 105w or 150w cfl to put out about a 300w-500w equivalent? I'm thinking it would just bounce enough light off the ceiling to light the whole room?

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Halogen would work well to put out a lot of light, and the torchieres usually have toe switches. I think Lamps Plus has some LED torchieres - I tend to avoid CFLs for one reason or another.

Have you considered installing wall sconces?

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Wall or ceiling lights are what they want to avoid. I was originally looking for halogen torchieres but they don't make 300 or 500w anymore. I guess they burned too many houses down. The highest I've found was 180, there was one 300 for over a $1000 dollars though.

Are there LED torchieres that put out a 300-500w equivalent?

What are your reasons for avoiding CFLs? They seemed to be the easiest way to get that much light bounced from a standing lamp.

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I came across these wacky looking bulbs, and I immediately thought about your torchiere question. I'm not sure if they are bright enough, but I think they would be perfect for single-bulb torchiere:


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A cfl equivalent consumes about 45w. As the typical torchiere directs light towards the ceiling, you'd need more light output.

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