Beadboard Backsplash

kerrysJanuary 18, 2011

Does anyone have a painted beadboard backsplash? If so, how do you like it? How is the painted finish wearing? Please show pics if you can.


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I do! I absolutely love it. It is warm and maintenance free. The painted finish is wearing like iron. Chocolate-cake beaters miss the bowl? Just wipe it off. I would not trade them for anything. I will try to post pics...but I am new to this. Stay tuned!

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I had that in part of my old kitchen (see pic). Loved it and no issues at all (going on 8 yrs).

Note that on the other side of the galley area of my kitchen, where my range and sink were, I did have tile and granite. But I found that wood wore so well, in my new kitchen my sink will had wood counter surround and no backsplash at all.

Here is a link that might be useful: beadboard backsplash

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I'm going with painted beadboard backsplash for my baking area. I'm not so sure I'd want it where it could get hot grease splattered on it.

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What a timely post, DH and I were just talking about this last night. We're definitely going to do it and we're also going to have a 4" granite BS (I know that's kind of out dated but DH wanted it and I didn't want to argue) so the BB will sit on top of that. I'm going to have a tan/yellow wall color and medium dark cabinets and black floor so I wanted something lighter for the BS so I think I'm going to do an off-white color. I was originally thinking red but I think that'll be too dark.

We're going to do the piece-together kind, not the sheets of plywood. DH wants to put 1" or 1.5" trim across the top and bottom of the BB to nail to the studs because he's afraid of it warping. I found a few pictures online and I also think I talked him into just doing quarter round or something with less of a profile...thoughts? For those that have it, does it warp or do you have it secured somehow? (he doesn't want to glue it to the wall).

What's the best kind of washable paint?

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Thanks for the feedback. Glad to hear yours is wearing well, irishcolleen. What color is it? I like the look of yours, mtndredux. How are the ends finished?
A couple of questions:
Did you paint it yourself? If so, what products did you use? I'm wondering if a poly finish over the paint would be useful.
craftlady07, I'm also thinking quarter round at top and bottom, but what about the ends? I think there would be "raw" wood edges showing. Why are you using tongue and groove instead of sheets?

Thanks for the great information!

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We're doing beadboard as well with wood counter tops. Also thinking of putting a marble top on a black distressed pine work island table. In order to tie it in thought that we may go for marble behind the range. Any thoughts on this? Would also like to see more pictures. Thanks!

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In our old 1840s house, we had a beadboard backsplash above green slate countertops, AND behind the range (I was naive enough not to anticipate problems with flying grease). After four years (when we moved to another house), the backsplash looked just fine. I think we had used satin BM Linen White paint, and just wiped it down very rarely. And we DID use that kitchen!


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I read that you could use quarter round to finish the bare edges too. I like the look of the T&G better than the plywood - to me the plywood sheets resemble the old 80's brown wall paneling, the real stuff is deeper and just looks better. DH is on board with putting it up so that's where we're doing. we're going to paint all the tongues so that as is swells and shrinks we won't have bare wood showing.

Thank you for the feedback on the paint. I was hoping to get away with using semi-gloss, but we'll see. I wasn't sure if I should put a polycoat over the paint or not. And I also didn't know if it was worth it to use real kitchen/bath paint or if regular paint would be okay.

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We've been using our kitchen for about 5 1/2 years--and the beadboard backsplash has been up for at least 4 1/2 of them. It's worn very well. The paint has cracked in some of the grooves but the only reason I noticed is because I just went now and specifically looked (and snapped the close ups.) Surprisingly, the beadboard next to the range is not cracking at all. The first close up is behind the coffee pot and the second is next to the range.

Dh primed all sides of the beadboard before putting it up. I can't remember the exact dimensions of the material he used--something like 4 or 6 inches wide and 4 or 5 feet long. We used BM paint--possibly the pearl finish.

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I have had tounge and groove beadboard backsplash for almost 2 years now and have really like it except for how much the seams show in the winter. It is painted in Ben Moore's Linen white semigloss and cleans up easily. I did paint the grooves prior to install but each of the past two winters the seams stretch apart and it looks sort of crappy. We have considered replacing it with one of the better quality sheet beadboards that has deep grooves but it will be a fairly big job because we also have it in the back of our hutch and I am worried about the damage from tearing out the existing stuff that is nailed and glued. Positive note is that the boards are half inch thick and have no warping. I love the look but would only use true tounge and groove again if it were stained not painted, the blacksplash is just too in your face to avoid seeing the gap movement. Also, I just painted the bare edges on the sides and had pieces of 1 by 1 put on the 2 upper sections near the window to form a tiny ledge that finishes off the top.

This is one of the best pictures I have of ours:

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I have beadboard in a lot of areas in the house I am redoing, and my GC (who are otherwise purists) swears by MDF beadboard. In fact, in bathrooms that is all they will use. Otherwise they say the expansion and contraction ruins it.

I was kind of shocked at this but they are pretty high end contractors and they were admant about MDF. I am denial though, that it will be in my house!

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I just put up beadboard on our backsplash in the kitchen. I wanted tile but couldn't decide on a color/style and I've always loved beadboard. My cabinets are painted Antique white and glazed with a brown. I painted the beadboard the same Antique white as the cabinets and it looks great.

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DH said the MDF wasn't a good idea but I don't recall exactly why. I'll have to revisit that idea with him again.

I saved a few links to some threads I found about BB BS a while back. Sorry you'll have to copy and paste

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if you use boards instead of a sheet, make sure to paint them before you install them, at least one coat.

You can expect a lot more "movement" with individual boards, and you could have some tiny gaps develop as the wood shrinks during dryer seasons (winter - if you heat your home).

My back wall cabinet doors are t&g planks, and I'm amazed at how much they have shrunk this winter, like maybe 3/16th inch over a 15" wide door (I think that's about 5 boards).

This is also the number one reason I won't buy pre-assembled unfinished doors - I hate those small unfinished lines that show up as the wood shrinks. It's bad enough I have that on all my 6 panel wood doors during the winter months. Ok - so maybe no one notices them but me . . . it still drives me nuts.

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I haven't talked to my contractor yet, but I would think MDF beadboard sheets would make sense. Craftlady07, please post if you discover why your DH thinks otherwise. I have read some of the previous GW threads on the topic, and I'll check out the links you posted.

My cabinets will be a medium cherry, so I'm thinking about painting the beadboard a nice creamy color that will go with Giallo Ornamental granite to keep things light and bright.

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BTW, Zelmar, I dont usually like dark kitchens but yours is very lovely! The beadboard color is really nice and different. I also like your island lighting.

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re: MDF - DH says that if the paint chips and it gets wet it'll swell and get ruined.
He wants to look for poplar beadboard panels because he said that's the best for painting (not soft like pine). So after the cabinets go in we're going to start investigating that.

I think that since we're installing it in the winter, as long as we make it tight it should stay tight. in the summer it may swell and that's why he's concerned that it might warp. I guess we'll have to give this some serious thought between the sheets and the T&G. I'll let you know what we decide.

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Hi there! I'm in the UK and our beadboard is slightly different in style from yours in the States, but just wanted to add that I have it in my kitchen as my backsplash painted in eggshell paint, and I love it! It's very durable-you can just wipe it down if ever it gets splashed! Hope that helps!


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you can get beadboard tile! not re-paintable is a downside

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I like the ideas you have shared. I agree with craftlady's DH about poplar. I'm going to check that out. igarvin, can you tell me mor about beadbord tile please?

I haven't heard anyone say they have put a poly finish coat over the paint, but it sounds like most have used something other than flat paint, which makes sense. I'm pleased to hear the paint wipes down easily.

I've heard good ideas about finishing the edges. Has anyone mixed tile with their beadboard?

I'm still up in the air about behind the range, which will have an OTR microwave, so the space will be very small. Maybe tin ceiling panels...

Thanks for all the great ideas!

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kerrys - I struggled with what to do behind the range since we will also have an OTR microwave. I love the idea of tin tiles or something, but I have no idea where to look or what I want. I tried to pick out a tile BS or even some tiles to put behind the range and it was too overwhelming and I couldn't find anything easy. I figure if we put up the BB live with it for a while that would not only give me time to see how dirty it really gets (or should I say how hard it is to keep it clean) but also research possibly putting something else up behind the range.

Since we're not gluing the BB to the wall I figure that there should be minimal damage if we go to take it down in a few years to put something else up there.

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craftlady--I didn't pick up on the fact that you're not gluing it to the wall. So are you simply nailing it to studs or ?? I don't particularly want mine glued, but I don't know about other installation methods.

I'm with you about tile -- waaay too many choices and very overwhelming. I have at least a dozen floor tile samples discarded, and sitting in my garage. I may have finally found the right one, but that's another story!

So you are thinking about doing BB behind the range? Some said they were worried about wood and hot grease, but I'm not sure it's really a huge risk. I haven't looked much, but I don't think the tin ceiling panels are hard to find.

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