Bedroom lighting? HELP!

patrushka_maAugust 14, 2008

I have a very small bedroom (11.5 x 11.5)with a huge French bed that has a 5 foot fabriced headboard and carving on the outside. The walls are done in the same fabric so the space thing is really not an issue. I cannot find good reading light. I currently have a pharamcy floor lamp on each side of the bed because they take up so little space but they really have to go. Has anyone seen any lighting that would help me? I thought of a sconce on the wall above the bed but it they don't throw light down, just up. Could I make recessed lights invisible? Are there any elegant clip on lights that I could hide when not using that could clip on a 2" thick headboard? Has anyone seen a ceiling light fixture that is not centered, but would be over the bed near a wall? I am stumped - thanks for any help.

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I recently purchased the most beautiful lamp from an online store. The lamp is a Tiffany Style, 27 inch, with lots of color and an oversized shade. The amazing dazzle it brings to the bedroom, especially when lit up, really makes the room for me. The design of my bedroom is a bit bland and I haven't had time to paint, but this burst of color on a long table in the bedroom has me motivated and inspired.

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