Green Hues On Whites

MoiMoiSeptember 8, 2013


I read a couple of similar query but non helped.

Suddenly my washing machine gave a blue greenish hue to my whites. I haven't done anything or changed anything. I did a checkup on my washing machine and no problems found.

I rewashed them with another detergent but nothing changed.

I did the "tub clean program" on the washing machine, and cleaned the detergent drawers. Problem is still present.

I don't use fabric softeners, and my water is clean.

I took my load and washed it in my neighbors washing machine and all the green hue has gone.

I washed it again in my washing machine and it came back again!

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The first thought that comes to me when you say blue-green hue is oxidized copper. Do you have copper pipes?

Just a thought.

Kathy in Jax

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Could you have a colored marker in between the washing tub and the tank that incases the washing tub. That is the first thing that came to my mind. One of those kids water soluble markers, the the "bluish green" color.

I know, its a stretch.

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