24' stackable pair -- what to buy?

azbroderSeptember 25, 2008

I need to buy a stackable washer and dryer in 24" width. AFAIK my choices are Asko, Bosch Axxis, and Miele T8000. Is there anything else? My main consideration is noise and vibration -- this is for an apartment. We can do 240 V. Is Bosch much noisier than Miele when spinning? Judging from what I read so far on the board Miele seems more reliable than Bosch, and asko seems the least reliable -- is this true for light use as well? Say 3 loads/week?

What do people recommend?

Many thanks, -- CF

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I'd go with one of the recently revamped Bosch pairs - both 120v and 240v washers are available but by all means get the 240v if you have the circuit available. The washer plugs into the dryer, and the dryer plugs into a standard 240V/30A wall outlet. The new ones have a larger door opening than any other 24" washers and about as large capacity as available in that width. The dryers have a window in the door (makes it easy to know when it's done, and less likely to forget to take the clothes out), and again good capacity for its size. I've owned one of their older washers and it was very quiet; don't know about the dryer.

Miele recently went to 120v-only for their washers - a big mistake IMO as heating times are up and max temperature down. And they're considerably more expensive, although some will say their build quality warrants the price. Asko's machines work well, although they don't have an impressive reliability record.

There are other choices out there but the ones you mentioned are probably the best. Whirlpool sells a 24" stackable set that pairs a 120v washer with impressive capacity (but smallish door opening) with a dryer that isn't as roomy as Bosch's or Miele's. They're really built by Italian manufacturer AM Appliance. The same machines are sold under the "Eurotech" brand, and there's an Asko version of the washer that can also dry the clothes in the same machine, and can be stacked below the Whirlpool dryer or used alone. There have been reports of unreliability and complexity of repairs.

You'll also come across a Maytag set. Maytag is also owned by Whirlpool, but these are really made by Samsung. Reliable, but unlike the others the washer lacks its own water heater, so even when set for hotter temperatures it may be stuck with the cooled-down residual water from the pipeline, much as it takes awhile for hot water to flow from a faucet. Cold water doesn't wash as well.

LG makes an excellent 24" all-in-one washer/dryer, but I don't think they make a separate stackable dryer for it.

Oh, and don't be tempted to buy the cheap Whirlpool or Kenmore 24"w one-piece unit that incorporates a top-load washer and a dryer a foot above it. I had one of these; there isn't enough room in the washer for clothes to circulate well, and the fast-moving agitator eats clothes unless it's very lightly loaded. It's also rather noisy, the paint on the dryer drum flakes off after a few years (the others mentioned all use stainless steel), and the lint filter (in the *back* of the drum) is annoyingly complicated to clean out.

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Don't forget AEG(owned by Electrolux), lots of past reviews here, high rpm tub with fast drying and good reliability. I think Miele still stands as the best product but with the highest price AEG is a great alternative

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Thanks for the feedback, especially lee676! I will probably go Bosch. AEG seems very interesting but I can not find anyone who sells AEG in USA. Anyone has a pointer? -- cf

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I just recently bought the bosch axxis+ pair with matching dryer. This is my first FL washer. So far I like them. I don't have them stacked.

The washer has noticibly more capacity than the old version or the asko. That alone was enough to decide me. Also it seemed more solid than the whirlpool or maytag. I've thrown pretty much everything I have at it and it's done well. Sheets, duvet cover, a 4x6 kitchen rug. I tried my 2 bathroom rugs (not rubber backed) and they wouldn't go into high or regular spin and came out sopping wet. But they did work if I put them each through a separate spin cycle. I like the dryer. It works very well for the size and doesn't cook my clothes. The washer seems to clean well, although I haven't had to clean anything too dirty yet. They're pretty quiet, except for the jet engine sound in spin. They don't bounce around. Only a slight vibration right as they come up to spin.

I have a few minor nits on the pair. For one, the dryer doesn't seem to have an end of cycle buzzer. The washer does but not the dryer. And you can't choose extra settings for a lot of the wash cycles. Like... you can't add an extra rinse or reduced ironing to the quick wash. I know that would make it not as quick, but it would still be faster than the standard cotton cycle. It would be nice to have the option. If anyone knows a work around for this I'd love to know.

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I am in the same situation, looking for a Compact FL. LG did carry a set but it seems they were on their website only breifly before they discontinued them...strange(WM1333HW Washer and DLEV833W Dryer.) So the Axxis set seems like the best choice. How is the Axxis repair records and do they compare, build wise, to the Nexxt? LG? Thanks.

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Having gone through this dilemma last year, I can feel your pain. I ended up with Miele 1215 and 1415. They have a larger capacity than most 24" models. From my research Bosch is half the price, but less than half the life span and half the reliability. Asko, even the rep told me not to bother. I don't know much about Electrolux, but sounds interesting! Here is what it came down to. Our sales guy (at a store that had Miele, Bosch, Asko and more) said this. "If you plan on staying in the house a long time, get the Miele. If not, get the Bosch." I wasn't sure how long we will live here, but went with the Miele and do not at all regret it.

Is vibration a concern? Meaning, are these going to be on the first floor or second floor? If so, you need to think about this. Not sure there is an advantage to Miele or Bosch, but I really beefed up my first floor install area. These things spin like jet engines and houses just weren't built to support a 250 machine spinning at 1600 rpm!

Good luck!

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Thanks Deke! How noisy is the spin cycle on the Miele? This is really the only thing I am worried about the Bosch ...

Thanks, -- CF

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There is another brand that no one here has mentioned... FAGOR They offer 2 models a 120v and 220v model washer. I believe the washers also heat their on water. The dryers are available as "ventless" only. Both units are offered in 2 colors: white & silver. Just to note: Fagor is the worlds largest producer of induction cooktops. Goto: www.fagoramerica.com


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Hi careme_fan,

The Miele isn't super noisy when it spins. I mean, you do hear it and the first few times you can't believe how fast it spins. I never found the sound bothersome - you can talk over it no problem. I never heard the Bosch to compare. However, if your floors aren't really beefy you may get vibration and that, I think, is much more annoying than noise. I have an old house and though built well, it is kind of springy. That picked up vibrations, so I had to go back and do a few things. Beef up the floor joists in my basement and make tiny adjustments to the feet to level the machine. Then again, you are in an apartment right? If it is a high rise, it may have cement floors underneath. Here is a test. Put some glasses and bricka brack, glasses... on counters or floors near where the machine will go. Stand where the machine will go and not quite jump but bounce up and down. If the bricka brack doesn't bounce you will be fine.

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Thanks, CF - my earlier post I now see was partially obsolete. I can't keep up with the changes in the marketplace anymore. I didn't know Asko has a new line of 240v 24" stackables (including some that can be hidden behind cabinet doors) with a whopping 2000rpm spin speed (it must take all of 15 minutes in the dryer afterward after given how much water that kind of centrifugal force extracts). The Whirlpool i mentioned (and the Asko clone of it) were recently discontinued. Miele makes only 120V washers now, but evidently some of the old 240v machines are still in the pipeline. AEG is imported into the U.S. and Canada by Euroline Appliances, not widely available although they've received unanimously excellent reviews amongst the many here who've purchased from them; unfortunately the 88840 model that drew all the raves seems no longer available (see other AEG threads). There are a few others selling 24" stackables - Fagor (didn't realize they were selling in the U.S. now - they have a decent-looking 240v machine), Ariston, and a few others.

Bosch has at least two new 240V machines that are readily available (WAS24460UC, WAS20160UC), and while I wasn't paying attention, Asko introduced several new ones (including the W6903 and W6903FI). Choose the Askos for the 2000rpm spin and up to 205°F temperature, or the Bosch for the somewhat larger door opening and capacity, albeit w/1000 or 1200rpm spin and heating only up to 160°F with an inexplicably less powerful internal water heater.

Those new Askos look impressive. I'll need to look into them more. Both the Bosch and Asko are widely available. I don't know which I'd buy if I needed one now.

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Need help for 2013, please! Currently using The Whirlpool Thin Twin Washer and Electric Dryer which came with our condo. Considering they are 13 years old, they work pretty well. However, load size is very small, which means I feel like I have to do laundry every day in order to keep up. Anyone have feedback to share on current models of Bosch Axxis, Miele and AEG? I would like to switch to HE front loading. Thanks for any help -- and whichever one we end up with, I will return to post a review.

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I'd lean towards Bosch and Asko. I have a Bosch 24460 which is a good machine; they still offer it along with several new models; avoid the low-end one which is significantly smaller. Both of these brands have stuck with 240v washers which allow them to internally heat the water quickly (and sometimes, to a higher temperature); it also means the washer can be plugged into the dryer and the dryer into the 240V/30A wall outlet, which is probably all you have if you're replacing a one-piece stacked unit with a top-load washer. If you get a 120V washer you'll need two outlets, a 120v for the washer and usually a 240v for the dryer. My only complaint with my Bosch is that there aren't many temperature selections - I'd like something between 90F and 120F; this may have been addressed in newer models.

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Thank you, lee676!

Is this the one you recommend?

I tried to download the manual and see what temperatures they offer (5 different ones) but it doesn't seem to be listed and I had trouble reading the PDF file. It was rated 3/5 stars (I believe 27 reviewers).

I'm getting quotes for Bosch, Miele, AEG, KitchenAid, and maybe LG.

Appliances used to be made to last, but admittedly they didn't have a lot of bells & whistles.

When we first bought our house, it came with a Maytag top load pair that were still going strong after 18+ years. I replaced the washer almost immediately, b/c I suspected it of making tiny holes in my clothes, with a General Electric (GE) Commercial Quality Super Capacity Plus 5 speed 20 cycles Deluxe Plus Quiet model top loading washer (997 4Wh). It worked great for 8 years -- never a hole in our clothing! When the old Maytag dryer started acting up (not bad for 26 years) I wanted a matching front load pair, so I gave the GE away to Habitat for Humanity.

We purchased the LG white front load washing machine, 3.6 cubic ft. model WM2020CW + DLE2020W 7.1 cubic ft. LG white electric dryer. Had them for 2 years before we sold the house, and I loved them.

Now we are in the condo, so compact stacking washer/dryer pair makes sense.

Miele is currently running a promotion until Nov 3 -- 10 year warranty with purchase, or 10% discount. Even though their pricing is the most expensive, the offer is tempting if we knew for sure we would stay in the condo for ten years.

Spend more on the Miele with ten year warranty, or go with something affordable like Frigidaire and then expect to replace it in five years? *sigh*

It is stressful to think that appliances are not built to last and they just end up in landfill. Here's hoping at least that the metal is recycled responsibly.

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See what you mean about the size, I believe the link I posted above was for the 2.2 Cu. Ft.

Boschî Axxis Plus 3.3 cu. ft. Front-Load Washer, White, WAS24460UC

This time 5 satisfied reviewers and 1 very unlucky reviewer:


I wonder how much the extended 5 YR warranty costs?

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After doing all the research, I've decided on the GE Compact High Efficiency Front-Load Washer (26.6"deep) & matching stackable Dryer:

GE 2.6 Cu.Ft. Front Load Washer (WCVH4800KWW) and
GE 4 Cu. Ft. Electric Dryer (PCVH480EKWW)

Will post a review in six months time.

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I'd be eager to hear your review of the GE stack.

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You bet! Will be some time as we haven't begun the reno yet -- we are remodelling the kitchen, baths and laundry area all at once, plus removing popcorn from ceiling and re-staining the floors a new colour -- this entails moving out temporarily and therefore no sense in having new appliances arrive until after the remodel is complete.

I liked the LG front loaders that I had previously because I could wash woollens and silks. The AEG washer/dryer combo have specific settings for this, while the GE only has "delicate" and "hand wash"â¦but I'm willing to risk it.

Future Shop in Toronto, Canada has the GE pair for $1,599.98. I'm in a metropolitan area, with restaurants and laundry-mats nearby, so as long as my new appliances function well most of the time, I do have alternatives if I need a repair on rare occasions. I can understand if you are in a rural area, that you may want to pay more for something that is rock solid and won't give you any trouble for 20 years!

We had looked at a Miele appliance package.
$1,600 for the dishwasher "classic series>
$5,000 for the combo-steam oven
$5,000 for the fridge
$5,000 for the induction cooktop
$1,700 for the compact washer
$1,250 for the compact dryer
Woah -- nellie!
Even with the ten year warranty promotion, I didn't go for it.

Will let you know how the GE works out, once they are installed. I did think the reviews were no worse than that for many of the more expensive brands. Seeing them in person at the store, they look sturdy and attractive. thanks!

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