does tide liquid detergent expire?

jillgreenSeptember 30, 2011

I am planning to buy a couple of tide detergents since there is a huge sale going on at my grocery store tomorrow. I only live with my husband but he just lost his job and I am trying my best to save money by stocking up on .. on sale items.

Does liquid detergent expire if un-used or unopened? Can you used detergent that has been around over 2-3 yrs? I plan to buy 6 bottles of 32 loads.

Let know what you guys think.. I would love to hear some opinions :) Again thanks for everything in advance!

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I'm sure other can add their suggestions/comments as they might have personally done this but I would think that Tide would last a fairly long time. They do add something that is similar to a preservative if I remember correctly. There are 3 of us here in our household and I buy the big 150-oz jugs of Tide 4 at a time from Amazon (whole case) I just recently getting to the last jug from the last case I ordered and that was back in March I think and it still looks and cleans like it was just made. If you buy detergent by the case, it comes in the original shipping box so you will know exactly when it was manufactured; I think that's pretty neat; takes little to amuse me huh?

Anyway, I would tend to think you would be fine as long as you keep it as close to normal room temp (68-75*) in an area away from heat/light. My mother uses powdered but she uses so little of it that 1 box will last her about 2 months or more!

P.S. Best regards to your hubby; I hope he finds something else he enjoys doing.

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It should be fine and I would not worry about it!
If there was any detergent that has a shelf date, it would be liquid dish washing detergents. (Not Marked) It will change color after several months on the shelf but still usable. It was Dawn something, I can't remember which one!?

If you have Lestoil, I would transfer it to a glass container because it would eat right through the plastic and make a mess on a shelf or inside a cabinet. Still usable if turn cloudy!

Clip coupons and check several store flyers for best prices.

And I wish you both the best during these trying times and thing will turn around once the housing market gets back on it feets! This is when the true turn a round begins!

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I was planning to buy 2 yrs worth.. do you think it will last 2 years? I wouldn't have to buy Tide for another 2 years if I buy 6 bottles today.

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Why not just call Tide and ask? Their 800 number is on the container.
In my opinion everything has a shelf or a "best used by" date. Liquids and gels tend to separate or stratify when left untouched for long periods of time. If it's an enzyme detergent the active enzymes may expire after a certain time.

It's best to call the experts who make the product.

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This site explains expiration dates of various laundry products. I hope this helps :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I gave up brand names for dish washing, laundry, tooth paste, etc.. The cheaper brands work just as well. I can't believe I fell for their hype all of my adult life. I am saving a huge amount of money and can't tell the difference.

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I did a search on this just yesturday. LOL. If this helps, powders are suppose to last a little longer if they are unopened and placed in a cool, dry enviornment. This makes the powder good for two years, according to what I read.

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