My BOUNCE dryer bar....lasts forever??

larsi_gwSeptember 4, 2010

I don't know if it is because my Miele dryer is gentler than some other dryers (less intense heat), but my BOUNCE dryer bar is over 4-5 months old...and it has not decreased in size at all!!

My best friend, needs to replace hers every month or two, as does my Mom. YES, YES, we all have the larger sized one.

I wonder why my bar does not go down...I think maybe it is not even working? The dryer cavity smells great, like the BOUNCE bar when. This happened on my other Miele dryer as well, T9800. I now have a T9802. Anyone else have the never ending BOUNCE bar?

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Larsi, I thought you were a die hard Downy liquid (April Fresh) user? Do you use both? Just curious ... I've never used a dryer bar so can't comment on your question.

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I use both! But I am FURIOUS with Downy April Fresh!!! Take a minute and visit, Products...Ultra April Fresh. 100's of complaints!!! They changed the smell & formula for the first time in decades & decades. It is now overwhelmingly strong, gag inducing, sickly sweet...and it is so thick I have to use hot water & a small brush to get it out of my Miele's FS compartment!! Gone is the soft, non-offensive April Fresh softness. Now it is like cheap, toxic smelling dime store perfume! I am so mad. It even makes my laundry room and my Miele washer smell horrible...the smell is SO strong. Even though I am very against the use of Vinegar (and Miele told me not to use it)...I ran an empty machine with a small amount of vinegar, just to remove the "new" Downy Smell!!!!!

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Oh I told you to use the Italian stuff Spuma di Schiampagna Larsi, remember :) ? It smells amazing, still. I am glad you posted this about the Bounce Dryer Bar in the Miele Dryer because I did not want to ruin the beautiful steel drum in it with one. Now I'll go out and buy one!

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I smelled your Italian stuff at my local Whole Foods Market. Ohhh, I just could not tolerate the smell. Really, it smelled like mosquito repellant. I could not imagine my towels or sheets smelling like this!!

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Regarding the Bounce Bar: Do you remove the BB when drying the microfiber cloths? Wondering since microfiber as one is not supposed to use fabric softener when "washing"; BUT don't know if that applies to drying as well.

Notice any difference on your microfiber cloths?

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I do not remove the Bounce Bar before I dry microfiber cloths, and so problems. I do not wash them with liquid fabric softener though!


I too was nervous to put the Bounce Bar into my beautiful Miele Honeycomb dryer. While I do not know if I am getting any softening properties (since my bar NEVER goes down in size)...the dryer smells great!

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Mine also for the longest time looked like it would never end. But it seemed like after it started getting smaller it just began going even quicker ... you know, kind of like a roll of toilet tissue, LOL! Seriously though, mine is in need of replacing now, but it sure was a good, long 4-5 months!

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Larsi, are you sure you smelled the softener in the white bottle? There are other ones. The softener is supposed to smell like lavender NOT mosquito repellent!!

Anyways, I have a question for you about the bounce bar. Does it have hard edges? I want to buy one but I do not want to damage my Miele dryer as I want it to last for decades.

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I am NEUROTIC with all my Miele appliances. If I even had the slightest fear the Bounce bar would damage my Miele dryer...I would never use it. It will not damage your machine at all...I've used it in 2 Miele dryers, a Samsung and an Electrolux...all fine. Just place it length wise/vertical, between the dryer fins/Paddles. Well, you can only place is vertical...since the dryer is curved :)

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