Dirty kitchen in laundry room

fatima11September 4, 2012

We would like to add a dishwasher and a gas stove (free standing)�in our laundry room. It already has a washer dryer and a sink and ample room. What plumbing work will I need for these appliances? What fuel connection will I need? Any license requirements?

Thank you

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You will have to adhere any and all applicable building codes so the best thing to do is pay a visit to your local Building Department where you have will to pull the applicable permits. Discuss with them the viability of said project, mandated requirements and the various permits.

You will need an exhaust fan for the stove. More importantly, you do realize that your dryer's intake is unfiltered air and any time you run your dryer while cooking you will likely be sucking kitchen vapor particulates into the load of clothes currently drying. Grease/oil particles will eventually coat your dryer's intake and exhaust ducting. I'm not sure the Building Department will allow such a setup, hence, the mandatory need to consult with your Building Department.

Will you be having staff? If so, I would ensure that your home insurer is notified of the appropriate changes of existing conditions; even if you are not utilizing staff you will still need to inform your home insurer of these changes or you will likely not be covered in the event of something happening. Circumventing any of the above can lead to loss of insurance and potential heavy liabilities. Also, failing to do so potentially endangers your neighbors (depending upon the proximity of your lots lines) and could result in future liabilities to you.

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Here's how not to add a kitchen to your laundry room.

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