outside unit frozen

jjpope1December 21, 2009

i need help i live in nc and my outside unit has frozen, we have had rain and cold weather but no snow or anything and its frozen. what does this mean? and does it have a defrost on it? i dont know anything about this stuff? please help me! its a tran i do know that.

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the model number is twy030a100az? is what is on my paperwork i found from my house package, that is the only thing i could find

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Hi jjpopel,

Do you know if you have a heat pump or central air?
From the model # you're giving me, I am assuming it's a heat pump.

The reason your condensor unit outside freezes is because of restriction. The first thing you need to do is check the filter. Make sure it's is not clogged.

The second thing is to hose down the unit outside.
All you have to do is get a garden hose and start hosing down the fins and tubes around the unit. You don't have to open anything. And don't worry about shorting out the unit. It's water tight. JUST DON'T OPEN ANYTHING. If this doesn't work, then it's a restriction somewhere else. Maybe evap coil or freon, which then you have to call a service tech.

Hope this help.

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thanks we have been outside and got all the ice off so we will see if that works, it is a heat pump and a 94 model. does that have a defrost or do you know? i will check back when i get up i have to get my body working again its 30 here and we have been at it since 11:30. thank you soooo much for your time and help!

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common reasons

1.air filter needs to be changed

2.freon leak

3.faulty defrost board

if you do use the hose or hot water to melt ice, I always recommend pulling the disconnect at outside condenser or flipping circuit at inside breaker panel.

go to emergency heat at thermostat and call for service.

Good Luck!

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Yes, heat pumps have a defrost sequence, and it appears that yours is not functioning properly. Call for service.

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Same thing happened to our heat pump Friday night. The service tech thought water runoff from the roof froze the fan blades on top on the unit. The fan couldn't spin, and the defrost cycle therefore would not come on. Does this sound possible? The fans blades were locked in by ice.

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so i had somebody come out today, the defrost board is messed up and will cost from 200-500 dollars? i am wondering how much a new unit would cost if it ends up being 500 for a 94 model? should we put the money to another unit, but dont have the money for either one? what to do what to do? thanks to all that have given me advice, it helps!

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Sorry to hear that your defrost board is defected. The system is about 15 years old. You might want to think about replacing the unit especially it's a heat pump. Heat pump don't last long. Price vary by location. Typically here in Southern California, a new condenser unit can cost b/t 2000-4000 depending on make and model.

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i had a defrost board go bad on an american standard heat pump. cost 10 bucks to fix it. bought a used on on ebay and replaced it myself. its just a matter of a few screws and unpluging a few wires. just take a picture of it before you unplug the wires so you know where they plug back in. its easy really.

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If you are fairly 'handy' you should be able to do some research online and figure out what the part would cost either ebay or otherwise and if it is out of your league to replace it.

Here is a helpful site about the defrost mode to review.

Never work on the system unless the breaker or disconnect is off.

Here is a link that might be useful: Heat pump turns into a block of Ice

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