Down to 3: Please help me buy a washer on Monday!!!!

kitkat3September 6, 2010

My 3 selections are all top loaders with the newer style non-agitators. But they vary widely in price.

1. LG WT5101 (Steam Washer) and matching steam dryer LG DLEX5101W

On sale at BB: $764.99 each

2. Kenmore White 4.3 I.E.C. Equivalent Capacity Top Load Washer, Model 28002

On sale for at Sears for $575.99 (Can't remember dryer price)...maybe $650.

Question: What does the "allergen" cycle mean? Does it kill bacteria like steam...or not as good?

3. Whirlpool Cabrio 4.3 WTW5600XW

Dryer WED5600XW.

On sale at Sears for $461.99 each. A bit smaller than the others. Still seems like a good value. Much higher price elsewhere ($549, $599)

I am very confused. There are too many options.

I would be washing quilts and pet beds as well as regular laundry. Would love a washer/dryer that can do non-wool sweaters without shrinking or wrinkling.

Please send your opinions and please let me know what are the pros/cons to having a steam washer/dryer?

Who has the best service contracts? Do I need one?

I promised myself I'd order SOMETHING tomorrow.

HELP!!! I have never bought a washer/dryer before. Thank you sooooo much!

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I have the Cabrio 4.3 WTW5640---the "cheapest" cabrio version. I just purchased it about a month ago. I have used traditional top load machines as well as front loaders and one thing I will say about this one is I am very careful to sort loads. I used to just throw all "normal" clothes, towels, sheets...whatever....together and only keep delicates separate. No more. I now am very careful to only wash like materials together---jeans only with jeans (and buttoned/zipped), towels with towels etc.

I did find that it tore up a few of my towels, some of them brand new. I had read 1-2 reviews on the older cabrio models where people said it pulled strings on their towels etc, so I was on the look-out when I washed my towels. Several new wash clothes have strings pulled all around the edges and it ruined a hand towel in 1-2 washes. I still can't make up my mind as to whether the pulled strings on my big towels were there before or not.... I will say that all of the ruined towels are CHEAP....for all I know they may have been torn up in other washers as well, but I'm still skeptical.

The machine uses VERY little water unless certain options are selected (delicate or bulky on mine, the model you speak of may have other options as well), and from what I have read, using washes that have lots of water in them may negatively impact the cleaning ability since the clothes are not right on the wash plate....which brings me to asking does your model have an agitator or washplate? If it has an agitator, disgregard pretty much everything I'm saying! Mine has the washplate and I honestly don't know how my clothes are going to hold up to the grinding together that they do every time the get washed due to not much water at all. For an idea of this, look on youtube for a video of the cabrio....there are several, one is great at showing how much water it uses and the washing action.

Right now, I'm debating about trading mine in if Lowes will let me. But I WANT to love it!! If I knew it wasn't ruining my towels for sure and that it won't be hard on the clothes, I would love it, but right now I'm not convinced. I think it has also been ruining the elastic bands on my cheap hanes undies, but, again, the underwear aren't new, and they are cheap, so what if it was time for it to happen anyway? Can't say for sure!!!

So, all I can say is beware and read reviews. So far, all the reviews are great on the one that I have (but it is a new model...)...guess I'm the only skeptic!! Just beware of how it washes before you buy it if your model has the washplate!
Best of luck!!!

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I too really, really tried to love both of my no agitator top loaders (Kenmore Oasis & Maytag Bravos), but finally gave up. Too hard on the clothes, too much fraying and twisting, clothes weren't coming clean enough. There are those out there that love these models, but we switched to a traditional agitator Speed Queen and are very happy with it.

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Do you know of any traditional agitator kind that steam clean? THat's my big issue....sanitizing pet blankets.
I can't find a machine that does that that isn't a non-agitating kind. Thanks!

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Kitkat3, no tradtional agitater washer is availible with a steam feature, they are on there way out

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I don't know about the Kenmore, but the "allergen" cycle on Maytag Bravos appears to be simply an extra rinse. I learned this by reading the manual. To me, that's a meaningless feature since there's an option to add an extra rinse to any other cycle.

I just got a Duet 9400, and it also seems to be harsh. I have towels with pulled-out loops and dangling strings. I was surprised because I've read that FL are supposed to be gentler, without the agitator.

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