Anyone have a yellow laundry-room?

jane__nySeptember 29, 2012

Just had my laundry-room enlarged and need to paint. The room is 10x12 and does not have a window. My washer/dryer are new Electrolux in steel grey.

Want to brighten the room and make it feel 'sunny.' Cabinets will be white and floor is cream/tan tile. I was thinking a pale yellow might feel nice with the grey appliances.

Anyone have pictures of their yellow laundry-room?



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Be careful with yellow. It always looks more yellow than those innocent paint swatches. Ask me how I know. LOL Choose the absolute palest version you can find.

A friend of mine bought quarts and painted poster board with each color. Then she tacked it to the wall in her kitchen. That gave her a large swatch and good enough idea about how each color would look. It got expensive, so she chose her paint colors carefully.

My next door neighbors painted their living room in a very pale yellow, and it is beautiful. It is the color of a banana, NOT the banana peel, but the edible banana part. Very soft and cheerful.

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Good advice, thank you!


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I had a yellow laundry room for years. Mine didn't have a window either and it was very cheerful -- I loved it. I don't know what shade it was, but it wasn't garish. IIRC, 'pale lemon' was in the paint color title. That was a long time ago, so I'm sure that's changed.

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Still not finished but thought I'd post a photo. The only light is a ceiling light so the paint looks darker than it is. Used BM Lemon Sorbet and I like it. Doesn't scream yellow, but is definitly yellow!

Sorry, but the lighting in the room is terrible. Some of the photos look greenish but the paint is definitly yellow.


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Jane, my laundry/utility room is going to be a yellow and the color looks very much like your last photo. It's also the paint used in my new kitchen and we love the color.

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yes. BM powder sand is light yellow.. cheery but.not like a lemon or a banana! It is very soft. I used linen sand for the trim which is off white. It looks great and classy.

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