Stacking Washer/Dryer --- how much vibration is normal?

cassie22September 10, 2010

Hi all!

I finally gave up on my Cabrio and traded it in for the Samsung WF210ANW and matching dryer (front loaders). MUCH happier even after only 2 loads.

We had to stack them and have never done this before. How much movement/vibration is normal? For the most part, the washer does an excellent job at not vibrating. When it gets into the high spin, you'd never know it. Its great! However, when it is just 'tossing' the clothes around, you can see the dryer moving a bit. The washer obviously must have some movement in this part of the cycle, although you can't see/hear it. No bad noises or anything like that, the dryer isn't going to budge, but there is some movement. When it first goes into a high spin, it does sometimes jostle the dryer around for just a few seconds before it really gets into the spin.

Do the stacked machines ever move (not sliding around moving, but the you can see the dryer moving "with" the washer's movement? Is this acceptable as long as there is no major bouncing around etc?

Leveling the suckers is pretty tough (HEAVY to try to lift a corner to unscrew the feet a bit!). Not sure if you're supposed to level the washer first prior to stacking, but I didn't have a choice during the install (was just told "it seems pretty level" by the delivery/setup guys).

Any advice/experiences from those of you who have stacked machines is appreciated! :)


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The washer should be level first. Then when you stack the dryer on top, it's feet can all be the same height depending on the stack kit. I know, leveling a washer can be tough. Especially when you have such a tight space. It's hit or miss. Keep trying until you get it even as possible. Also, make sure the washer is solid. Try rocking it from corner to diagonal corner...each direction. If one direction has more wiggle, then slightly extend the leg involved. A quarter turn is all you may need.

That being said, I really don't know how much vibration is normal. I'm in the same boat with my front load unit. I'd say, yes, your vibration is normal. I'd say, if the spin is ok, then it's ok.

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My stacked set also shimmy a bit just before they get up to speed for the spin. After that they are still as can be and quiet except for the whine of the spinning. This seems normal - many machines do this. One poster here said that was because the springs and dampers don't work until the spin speed is fairly high. I don't know if that is true but it seems reasonable.

If they are really shaking at full spin then you may have a problem. Either they are not balanced or the floor can't take the vibration. But it sounds like full speed is fine and you are just seeing the "normal" jiggles.

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Some vibration during low speed spinning is normal according to this video.


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