Samsung FL - Clothes Extremely Warm

amaryllis52August 13, 2010

We just got a new Samsung WF330 front-loading washer and so far no complaints about its cleaning performance. There is one thing about it that concerns me: when I take the clothes out of the washer they are extremely warm, much warmer than our old top-loader. I worry whether this is normal and whether this warmth might damage delicate fabrics.

Could it be that the washer is somehow generating this heat through the spin cycle - I'm using the Normal spin speed and rinse only in cold water. I called Samsung and the only advice they could give me was to check to make sure that the hot and cold water lines weren't switched - which they weren't. Any thoughts?

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When you say that when "I take the clothes out of the washer they are extremely warm, much warmer than our old top-loader" makes me think that your taps are backwards. Take a bucket or do it over the sink, but.... Remove the hookups from the back of the washer and run the water through the hoses until one of them produces hot water. Make sure that your cold is your cold, not your hot.

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Turn off the spin for one load and see if the clothes are warm. If they are, it's not the spin. If they aren't, then the spinning is causing the warming.

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