Thermapen Open Box Sale - $74

bbstxJuly 11, 2014

Thermapen is having an open box sale. I don't know that I've ever seen them as low as $74! If I hadn't already bought one for ever member of the family, I'd be stocking up.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermapen Open Box Sale

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I thought they were $69 when i gifted mine for DH for valentines day...
(69, haha, or maybe imagining it, feeling frisky at the time and thought it was funny)

Do love that thing. Pricey, but has a special spot and well taken care of.

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I have a purple one that I bought recently for $98 and have found it very useful, and have used it instead of my candy thermometer when making creme Anglaise, which I cook to a temperature of 170 degrees. The digital candy thermometer I have will no longer stand up in the pan by itself, and so I had to hold it with one hand. I with the Thermopen had a holder so that I could use it more like a candy thermometer.

I used the creme Anglaise to make double chocolate hazelnut Frangelico ice cream. I only used two tablespoons of Frangelico, and next time I will add two or three times that amount.


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Much to my delight I received a Thermapen for Christmas 2012. And that's the last time it was seen---we decided it was probably tossed out with the Christmas wrappings. Fast forward over a year later. I was standing at the stove top waiting for a kettle to boil. As I gazed at the oversized mug holding kitchen utensils, an unfamiliar item caught my eye. There was my precious Thermapen put there for safekeeping. Lessons learned---don't do anything unusual as I used to tell my kids. And clean out the utensils mug more often.

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I bought one after you directed us towards an open box sale back in January and I love it. Once you register with the site they will keep emailing you about sales and product news.
DH really likes this toy and he doesn't cook! He's used it to adjust the thermostatic valve in the shower and finds other creative uses! LOL

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I use it for everything! I even used it to prove to our builder that one of our thermostats was defective.

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Thanks for posting - I finally bit the bullet and bought one. I've been using my meat thermometer more often lately and decided it's time to get one. It took lots of strength to pass up the last time they had this deal - this time I couldn't resist. A few weeks ago Vitamix had a coupon code for 25% their factory reconditioned model. Came to $287 shipped with a five year warranty. Couldn't pass that one up either. If anyone is interested I can post the code - I believe it is still valid.

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