Liquid Softener & Vinegar?

monicakm_gwAugust 18, 2013

I've used vinegar in my husband's dirty stinky work clothes wash for years. I wash in hot water and use the vinegar in part to keep the washer fresh. Recently I started using a scent free liquid softener that goes in the center of the agitator on my Whirlpool Cabrio washer. You're supposed to use water with the liquid concentrate. Is there any reason I couldn't finish filling the softener reservoir with vinegar?

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Monica: I've read that a lot of people actually dilute their liquid softener with vinegar and store it in another bottle, making the original softener last nearly 2 or 3 times longer. You can start by adding the softener and diluting it with the vinegar and see if you like the results; if so, then dilute more softener with vinegar and store in another clean and labeled bottle. Once you have that, just fill to the top of the dispenser with the diluted solution - easy as "pour and go" :-) Best luck!!


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That's exactly what I do, Fletcher. I will sometime dilute it even more with a bit of water.

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whistle: I bet diluting it more with water you get nearly 4 times the use out of it huh? I use the Downy F&S; not every load and not very much to begin with so I don't dilute it. I know, I know - I should, it would go even farther but I wonder how long it would sit until it goes rancid :-/

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Thanks ya'll. I only use the FS on my husband's work clothes and that's about a once a week load so I think I'll just dilute the concentrate with vinegar as the directions say to do with water. It'll take year and half to go thru a bottle. I appreciate the help :)

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Hi, Monica! :)

When I wash my husband's dirty stinky work clothes (perfect description), I also wash them in hot water.

I use half white vinegar and half liquid fabric softener in the final rinse. I pour in the vinegar halfway first, then top it off with the FS. This keeps the FS dispenser from getting gunked up.

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Hi Mara, thanks for your input. That sounds like good advice. The fs I use is a concentrate and uses less than a capful but I'll start putting the vinegar in first anyway :)

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If anyoine uses either vinegar or ammonia in your laundry, there really is not a need for a softener.

However, do be careful and never use both vinegar and ammonia together and absolutely NEVER combine either with bleach.

Some people have complained of a smell with the ammonia. First use the NON sudsing ammonia ONLY ! Either dilute it with an equal part of water (example 1/2 a cup to a 1/2 a cup) or better yet, place the ammonia in the washing machine while it is filling up along with your detergent BEFORE adding any clothes. Once you have a few inches of water in the washer, then you can place your clothes in the machine. Your clothes should come out brighter, smelling nicer and feeling softer.

This is just me, but for many years even as a Nurse and having to wear White Uniforms at the time, the only thing I used in my machine on my clothes were Tide, Vinegar OR ammonia and that is it ! I no longer have to wear the Nurse Whites and now I exclusively use TIDE and vinegar only to launder my clothes.

A SIDE TIP: If you work as a Nurse or handle blood products and happen to spill some on your clothing, try soaking the stain in club soda or seltzer water. ALSO, if you have ballpoint pen marks on shirts or other clothing and especially now that school is back after summer vacation, spray hairspray on the spot. Has worked everytime like a charm for me in getting the ink stain out.

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