New Method Fabric Softener is HORRIBLE

larsi_gwAugust 19, 2010

While I mainly use German Persil or Ariel products, I actually really like Method's somewhat new Pump Dispenser detergents! I have Peony Blossom (my fav one) & Fresh Air. They smell light and clean, and do a really surprisingly great job at cleaning, stain removal, odor removal and freshening!

So today, when I saw the new Pump Dispenser Fabric Softener at Target (all they had was Fresh Air)...I couldn't wait to buy it and try it out!

I did a large load of darks and a medium load of brights/colours using Method's new Fresh Air Fabric Softener. I had to re-wash everything & use Downy April Fresh FS!!

The new Method Fabric Softener is an odd clear/yellowish liquid gel. It does not smell very "Fresh Air" at all. It foamed up inside my Miele Fabric Softener tray, and the clothes were left coated, smelling weird, oddly more wrinkled than normal...and they just felt strange to the touch! I re-washed both loads with Persil Color Gel and Downy April Fresh Softener. All was good again!

I will keep buying the Peony Blossom Detergent (it smells and feels great on towels & sheets)...but this new Method pump dispenser softener is horrible!!!

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It's terrible when brands we like disappoint. :( I've been using Persil for a long time and I admit to cheating on it in the past. Though I keep a small jug of Tide for the random load, I've been let down by other household cleaning brands too often.

I'm not a huge FS user in general but that light blue Vernel is so fantastic to me. Downy reminds me of my childhood, lol, so it's always a good choice!

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I always disliked Method's fabric softeners - they are viscous and leave my detergent dispenser coated in what looks like vegetable shortening. I haven't tried the new pump softener, but I'll steer clear. Downy Free & Sensitive, on the other hand, leaves absolutely no residue behind and dissolves beautifully in water. I'm sticking with what works for me.

By the way, for those who don't like the fakey fabric softener scents but want their laundry smelling fresh and natural, I have a tip! Use Downy Free & Sensitive, dry in your dryer as usual, then when the clothes are dry throw in a wash cloth on which you've drizzled about 1/4-1/2 teaspoon of essential oil and tumble on no heat setting for 10-15 minutes. No need to ever go back to a scented product ever again! Lavender is wonderful as is lavender + citrus.

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Stava...I do not see how 1/4 to 1/2 tsp of essential oils on a wash cloth will not leave oil marks on clothes. Oil + clothes are always a bad mixture. All it takes it for the wash cloth to "get stuck" or bundled next to something for a few tumbles...and there is going to be oil marks on the clothes. You've never had this happen?

For me Persil Color Gel, Ariel mit ActiLift or Method Peony Blossom detergent and a little Downy April Fresh FS leaves clothes delicately fragranced, super soft, fluffy and wrinkle free.

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Larsi... nope, no spots whatsoever. I don't put all of the oil in one place, I drizzle it in parallel lines running the width of the washcloth from top to bottom. Once you put the oil on the washcloth, it soaks into the cloth and spreads. Even when the laundry sits for a while, there are no spotting issues. Seriously, this is a wonderful technique which I found on the internet and works every time!

The Chemistry Store actually sells a good selection of essential oils in bulk quantities. That's where I got mine. I use lavender for my laundry and lemon for the pet bedding to keep it fresh and deodorized.

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I LOVE the new method FS! I have some pretty severe skin issues and had to eliminate everything but Seventh Generation and Method products, both in the Free/Clear kind. Seventh Gen makes a great FS dryer sheet but I really missed the smell of regular FS. I tried the Fresh air scent and have had no problems with it, I only use about 2 squirts into a cup and fill the cup with water before putting it in my machines FS Dispenser. Oddly enough the FS changes when water is added and is less viscous more thick liquidy. and I do love the smell!!

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I use The Body Shop Home Fragrance Oils (a few drops on a 3"x3" swatch of material and have never had a problem - though I add it as I start a dryer load so clothes are damp. Fragrance doesn't last but the smell coming out of the dryer is great. Love the Satsuma. Might be ruining my humidifier (so far so good) but I use a couple of drops of the Green Tea and Lemon in the water tank and the house smells nice and Fresh without being overly scented.

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