How much Persil Color Gel?

snowmaidenAugust 30, 2012

How much should I use in my Miele W4800 to wash load of cloth diapers? Would 60 ml be too much? I am loving the scent so far!

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It all depends on how hard or soft your water is, and the size of your load of diapers.

When I use one-fourth (1/4) of the Persil Color Gel label recommended dose, it still makes a lot of suds in ~our~ washer and more than the Persil Color MegaPerls.

The best way to check is after the wash cycle completes and ends, run the "quick rinse" cycle (in the MasterCare menu) and watch for sudsing. That will tell you if you used too much detergent, even if you do not see suds during the regular wash cycle.

Generally, the hotter the water, the more suds I get from any liquid in our Miele W4842.

Color Gel has no oxy-type bleach and I think no OBAs, so the diapers won't look as white, if you use it regularly.

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I usually use Cheer powder or Vaska, so I am okay with no OBA's. Are any of the Persil powders OBA free?

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I prefer the powdered Persil to the gel. Why would you use Gel for Colors when you're doing diapers that should be done at the sanitize setting and you need to be using Persil for Whites or Miele's "Sensitive" detergent formulation. Whatever detergent you use - start with about 1/3 rd of the recommended amount. With a water softener, we use two tablespoons of Persil Powder for a load of regular towels and washcloths. The big box lasts nearly a year at that rate and the towels are sparkling white. Friends have asked if we buy new towels all the time. (We don't but I do buy white ones and do them on the 190 degree extended cycle now and then.) Keeps them looking brand new!

The above comments assume a baby is wearing these diapers and will wear the clean ones again? We did my daughter's diapers at home in our first Miele's and she's now 25 and has just gotten her first set of Miele as a housewarming gift from "Dad". The kid grew up having everything washed in our Miele's and she can't stand the way clothes smell in a "standard" washer using bleach and perfumed Tide with tons of soap left in every load, etc.

As I remember, Miele customer service told me (back then) to use the hottest water setting available. Start the cycle in cold water and then turn the heat up to 190 or whatever your highest setting is. (You can also just plumb the washer to cold water ONLY. (Takes a Y adapter available at any hardware store - you have to connect both hot and cold in hoses to the cold tap. Great for stain removal and cheaper than keeping your house hold hot water heater set higher than normal. Miele's heat their own water - remember? This cold water start gets stains out better than starting them in hot. For diapers, always use an extra rinse or the "sensitive" setting and also consider using a Miele or German fabric softener., too.Works great and has a slight scent but not overpowering. Mainly diapers should smell CLEAN.not perfumed for the babies sake!

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