need to washer

missylinAugust 21, 2012

i have been told Speed Queen will last the longest, has the best warrantee, stainless steel tub, no elecronics. But I wonder since it has an agitator if it will be gentle enough on my clothes. What do you think?

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Well...they've been in business since 1908. I think their washers would be gentle enough, otherwise they'd be out of business by now.

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Good point, georgect. But most of the comments are about longivity and cleanliness of the wash, not about care of clothes when people have written about speed queen. Would ones without an agitator be more gentle> The agitator I saw was not all smooth like most. It had sort of curves in it and the curves looked like clothes could get stuck. Hard to explain but the agitator in my old Maytag is sort of horizontal in the washer. This one goes from top to bottom and is shaped sort of like a sculpture with with things going in and out. It looks strange compared to most. Wish I could find a photo to link to

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Missylin, the agitator is like the one I had in my Kenmore TL. and it helps rotate the clothes. I have never had any clothes beaten to death or destroyed in the TL. My Bosch wrinkles way worse, pills my clothes and I can't tell that they are any cleaner. With all the new I don't know if I would choose a traditional TL. BUt I sure would love the have my old one back.

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Thank you, Beagle north carolina.

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