Washer/dryer tricky situation, input appreciated

not_always_confusedAugust 22, 2013

So I couldn't pass up this deal, 300 dollars for a stacked Kenmore FULL-SIZED washer and dryer unit. Unfortunately, depending on how you look at it, I will have to invest more time and money into this awesome buy. The only room with a 220 Volt plug is my office (220 Volts is required for operation of the set), and the washer's drain pipe, and water sources are in the kitchen about 15' through the office wall. My options are:

Least likely: Mess with the wiring myself to accommodate 220 volt setup in kitchen.
Less likely: Pay an electrician to do the above-mentioned for me.
Somewhat unlikely: Give up on this deal and buy a two-part set, or settle for a smaller stacked set that operates at 110 volts.
Most likely: Rig longer hoses using fixtures (clamps, etc.) and all that good stuff THROUGH the office/kitchen wall and run them horizontally about about a foot higher than the washer for about 10 feet, then drop them down gradually to their designated places a good 15 feet away from the back of their washer.

The main question I had for this long-winded post is:
Will this be too long of a length for the pump and faucets to handle? I've heard of pumps being able to work fine forcing water 8'+ vertically, but I'm not sure about 15' horizontally!

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