Gas vs. Electric Dryers is one better than the other?

CT_NewbieAugust 28, 2013

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We had this dilemma and found that everyone sort of answers that it's "up to you." These days, there isn't an overwhelming reason that gas is better than electric. Usually the gas models cost a more when you buy them but could result in an overall lower cost if your gas costs are less than your electricity.

We found that it would have cost a bundle to go ahead and put the gas into our new laundry room so it wasn't worth the small savings/month. Just went with electric.

Someone else may have a different experience, but it won't change the functions of the dryer at all - just how you pay for it. :)

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Technically an electric heater model delivers a "dry" heat versus a gas or propane heated model. The reason is the combustion process of a natural gas or propane model gives off H2O (water) as a byproduct, the thing you are trying to evaporate from the clothes load, and has a discernible difference on drying time required ( like 2 to 3 percent, literally seconds over the length of a drying cycle).

That said, with the crash of natural gas prices due to the huge supplies now being tapped in North Dakota and Canada, natural gas is almost always the best for overall operating costs. It's hard to tell if this will be a long term trend or not, as big power plants are switching over to natural gas, replacing coal fired plants and causing the realy retirement of several nuclear plants. With rising demand, price is sure to follow eventually.

Reliability has always been slightly in favor of electric, there are just more parts to go wrong (igniters, flame sensors, contaminants in gas, pressure changes, etc). Overall, the gas firing technology is as good as its ever been. It should be better than a 20 year old machine.


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