Laundry cart for folding/ironing

GaryFxAugust 8, 2014

Now that the machines are in, we're looking for a cart to use for folding laundry and storing supplies, as well as putting a table-top ironing board on top. Better yet would be if the entire top were an ironing surface.

We saw an inexpensive laundry table at BB&B, but it was on the small side and had bins for sorting (which we don't need) instead of shelves for storing.

At the Container Store, we liked the style of the InterMetro/Metro systems. But at a max of 18" front to back, they don't seem deep enough to use for folding. Unfortunately, we only have 44" width, which also limits our options for these.

We're planning a trip to Ikea, where we spotted a couple of kitchen carts online that may fit the bill. But we'd appreciate any other suggestions.

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Have you thought about creating an island with drawers and such, have it put on casters, have the ironing board installed in one of the drawers as a pull out. The best way to iron is on a board for me, not on a large flat surface. All the garment angles really need the shape of the ironing board to be ironed successfully IMHO.

Here is my pullout, there are other designs. Or you can have a wall mounted one.

When the board is unfolded it rises to the hight of the counter. Hafele and Rev-a-Shelf make these styles. Check the dimensions for the different types and see if it will work in your space. Having an ironing board on top of a 36" counter would make the board too high for me, unless the counter is at table height which is 30" tall.

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That ironing board is clever, and if we had gotten a cart with drawers, I would have looked further.

What we wound up getting instead is the InterMetro Folding Chef's Cart from The Container Store. Plenty of storage for detergent, etc. on the shelves and a nice stainless steel top for folding. Best of all, it's a perfect fit for the space we have, with room to keep our full size ironing board if necessary, though I also decided to experiment and got an ironing mat that fits on top of the cart.

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Show a pic when you can. It will be nice to see your setup :)

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Here's a pic, with the angles somewhat odd because it's a wide angle shot. Nothing particularly fancy about it. There's just enough space for the ironing board on the left, not that we use it often or have space to open it in the laundry room. The green between the ironing board and the dryer is the ironing mat, held up by magnets. There's a Closet-Maid rack above the cart, which works for hanging dress shirts or trousers. The two sheets of paper on the cart, inside plastic page holders, are print outs of the various laundry care icons; we'll need to get other magnets to hang them on the dryer.

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I put all of my stuff away in the laundry room except laundry soap. I wouldn't want all of that setting out in the open. If I didn't have storage space I would rather have a floor cabinet, wouldn't have to be a built in one, just one with doors. I can fold my clothes on the top of the appliances, but rather take them in the living room and watch a movie. I have everything in the kitchen put away also. I have a pretty home and don't want it clutter even with things I use every day.

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Interesting. We're mostly with you - I get nagged to remember to put the dish detergent back under the sink. But somehow, the laundry room has always been an exception.

Part of the reason we went with this is that the carts with doors, which we saw at Ikea, felt more wobbly - perhaps just because they were on display, but that was enough to discourage us. We needed to have something either on wheels or light enough to swing away, so that we could reach the water or gas shut-offs.

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We bought this one and it is very well made.

Here is a link that might be useful: Laundry sorter

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Toni S

Thanks Designergrey your link was exactly what I have been looking for, to sit in a small area of my laundry room. Ordered it from Amazon since I don't have a Costco nearby.

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That cart, or rather a similar one at BB&B, was my original motivation for the layout. But since we do almost all of our sorting at the source, I got outvoted on the sorting hamper aspect.

re: online ordering: This may be too late to help, but Costco sells that online, as well, with free shipping. It looks $10 cheaper than Amazon, plus saving on shipping, though it can be difficult to tell with Amazon's web site. Since Costco has a good reputation for the way they treat their employees, I tend to give them preference.

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