Electrolux touch-2-open dispenser and boot questions

infohound2006August 1, 2010

DH and DS installed our new Electrolux Wave-touch washer, and I can't wait to try it, but for one problem:

the touch-2-open dispenser is stuck closed.

When I touch the button, the dispenser just moves a (Of course Electrolux appliance support is closed on the weekends).

My second issue has to do with the rubber boot:

There is one 2" long area in which two parts of the folded-over rubber boot are touching. I've already been wheezing this week from mold (from a slow leak in the attic). And, though we're good at leaving the FL door open, that may not be enough.

I'm rather worried DH, DS1, DS2 and I just won't dry the boot often enough, and we'll get mold where the rubber folds touch.

Am I right to be concerned?

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My machine does not have the problem you describe. As soon as the button on the soap dispenser is pushed, the dispenser drawer pops out. In reference to the rubber boot, I am not sure I understand the problem, but there are drain holes at the bottom of the inner fold that should drain the water. I just leave the door ajar, slightly, and have had no problem.

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No need to get worked up on the boot, I had my machine a little over a year and no mold. Just wipe the boot once a month for lint build up between the 4-8:00 position also do not be alarm if you see rubber particles. It's a minor known problem. That means the load is too heavy, so lighten up the next time....
As for the dispenser, the spring may be weak or the stem inside maybe bent causing drawer not to open. Have someone to look at it.

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My despencer drawer also got stuck when it was closed. I pulled at the left side where it goes toward the back of the washer and gently forced it open. It came out and we pushed it in again and when we pushed the release button, it worked. It has done it a couple of times, but i am having it looked at this week when they come to see about the washer door as it is not rreleasing like it should. I had a wave before this that the drum rubbed against the boot and it wore an 1/8th in groove in it and i had rubber shavings all over my clothes. I returned it because of reading that others had had that problem and they had the boot replaced and it didn't help. If yours just rubbs very little it may lessen. Hope you are able to get the drawer open. We didn't break ours when we forced it open, it just came out as we pulled. Good Luck

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Well, the dispenser is apparently a known problem, so the Electrolux guy just ordered another one for us. In the meanwhile we've been able to open it by pushing UP and then forward from the left side.

I'm still a bit concerned about potential mold growth in fold of the rubber boot, but I'm hoping that wiping it periodically will be enough (hard to get everyone to wipe it after EACH time, ...and to wash that cloth frequently.) Do you think that'll be enough?

Other than that, we just LOVE the Electrolux washer. The capacity, the speed, custom cycles, how dry things come out from the fast spin. I didn't think I'd get so attached to products, but we really enjoy so much about it!!

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I just went to my beach house, after a month to check up on things and to see if the Electrolux laundry machines had any problems after being left for that long a period. While I was gone, I left the IQ washer door open about a quarter of an inch. There was no smell. Knock on wood, I've had only good luck with my Electrolux washer and dryer. I've had bigger problems with the refrigerator water dispenser getting a funny taste from not being used.

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