frigidaire dryer will not spin

tmtrfkntAugust 12, 2009

I have a frigidaire gallery dryer model # FSG748GFS0. I will turn the knob and it sounds like it wants to start(a buzzing noise) but won't. Is it the belt that is broken and if so, how do I replace it or is it something else? Any guidance will be much appreciated.

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Most likely your motor start switch has lint in it keeping the contacts from closing completely.
1st try opening the dryer door, hold in the door switch, have someone push the start button, then grabbing a drum fin turn the drum in a clockwise direction quickly. The dryer should start running on its own, now let go of the door switch to shut the dryer off. Close the door and try restarting the dryer. Many times this will clear the lint from the switch.

2nd If the above didn't work you can remove the back panel of the dryer ( after unplugging it first of course ) and if you have a shop vac clean up all the lint around and from the dryer motor. After vacuuming the lint turn the hose to the blower side of the shop vac and finish blowing out the motor and switch area.

There's a 90% chance that one of these 2 methods is all your dryer needs. If neither of these work the motor will need replacement.

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I had to register, just to THANK YOU!!
Frigidaire dryer stopped turning (lights worked and made a buzz) 2 days ago. Extended warranty still in place but no service appointment for 4 days!!! Panic in the home! Wife won't let me "open er up" for fear of voiding warranty. I just followed your simple procedure; pushed door close button with door open, pushed start button, reached in and spun dryer around.... and it started working!!! Thanks

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Thanks jakvis!

The trick with the door switch also worked on Frigidaire Gallery dryer model GLGQ332AS4. Once it was working again, I also attempted the clean out suggestion. As far as I can tell, the only access is from top on this model, as the back appears to be welded to the sides. This provided access to at least some of the electrical contacts, but the motor is under the drum so I was limited to what I could access from the top.

The main thing is we're back in business and it has been working for a couple of weeks with no further problems.

Thanks again!

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I too registered just to tank jakviz, so

Thank You jakviz!

Turning the drum worked great on my Frigidaire.

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