Standpipe too low for Cabrio?

cassie22August 10, 2010

Hi all!

I am the frustrated new owner of a Whirlpool Cabrio washer.

Went to install the washer and saw that it states that the height requirement for a wall (or floor) standpipe is at least 39 inches from the, washer. Measured, my standpipe is only 33 inches or so from the ground. It is 2 inches in diameter.

The model # for the washer is WTW5640XW0 (high efficiency top loader) if anyone needs to know.

What kind of problems may I run into with it being too low? Is it something I need to worry about? The standpipe is build into the wall, so I can't just replace it. Could possibly add pipe to it, but my husband and I are not "handy" people and have no idea what we are doing. Also, if it has to do with the hose needing to be at a certain height, not necessarily the drain pipe, could we attach the drain hose to the wall at the 39 inches and leave the drain pipe alone? We are in a rental, so can't do too many alterations and really don't want to!

Any suggestions or feedback as to what could go wrong if we leave it too low is greatly appreciated!!! We want to make sure that it isn't something that will break the washer/void the warranty.

Frustrated --- have a new toy and can't use it yet!



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Water can siphon out of the machine if the end of the drain hose is too low. The machine won't necessarily be physically damaged ... but it can malfunction or generate a fault code if it's washing along and the water siphons out. It may not be able to fill if water is running in and siphoning out at the same time. Siphoning may not happen during the wash period ... but after the wash water drains and leaves the hose "primed" siphoning can occur during the rinse fill.

39" minimum height for the standpipe allows for the "crook" of the drain hose to hook over it and hold the hose from extending more than 4.5" down ... which a 4" hose allowance on a 39" standpipe puts the end of the hose at 35" above the floor. Your 33" standpipe less 4" would put the end of the drain hose at 29" which may not be workable. The end of the drain hose must not be lower than the highest water level in the machine's tub.

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I just posted this same question / dilemma because for some reason, I completely overlooked this post on the page (after seeing it when first posted)....and NOW I see it.

Have you installed the washing machine? Is the current height going to work for you? Our standpipe is 35" from the floor, and like yours, our new Maytag Bravos requires 39".

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Thanks for the info Dadoes!

Funny to think that until I read the install directions, I had no idea what a standpipe even was!! Learned a lot since then.

Tracey, if you didn't see, I responded to your post. The machine is installed and is working fine as far as I can tell. Hopefully no issues! Honestly, while I'm sure we should have 39" standpipes, I wonder how many people even read that and follow it.

If the guys from Lowes would have installed the machines for me (they couldn't as it ended up we had to take off a baseboard to get them to fit!), they would have just thrown the drain hose in there and been done with it. None of the salespeople seemed to really know about it either, at least who I talked to after I realized the issue.

I know NOTHING about the issues a too-low pipe can cause other than what I've researched over the past day, but I'm willing to bet that while it can cause issues, it must not happen all the time or I'm sure the salespeople/install people would know about it (due to complaints and returned machines!!).

Good luck!!!


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Thanks so much for reporting back, Cassie! After reading the manual stating the minimum height of 39", I emailed my builder to tell him ours needed to be raised from its current 35" (we're about 2 weeks to move-in). He emailed back saying that in all his years of building, he's never had a problem reported back to him about the standpipe height. He immediately sent another email saying "stay off the internet". He knows me by now ;-)

Since you've not had any trouble with that height (and you're 2" lower than we are), and neither has my builder, I'm going to relax about it and just see how it goes.

Thanks again!

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