New samsung WF350AN Washer and Matching Gas DV350AG Dryer

bonesodaAugust 4, 2011


Has anyone bought these samsung washer dryer combo... both have steam and a gas dryer is avail for this model.

If anyone owns these units would love to hear feedback, specifically if Sheets get rolled up in the dryer as i have read in samsung threads and also how is the overall performance>

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I don't own the units and was cautioned by my repair man not to purchase Samsung because parts are hard to get and "they" won't repair them. (I did point out that they didn't repair my Kenmore either. They just told me to buy a new washer!) Anyway, I'm in need of a new washer and have researched many machines (which means some people really like and some people really hate their machines.) Until today I didn't consider the Samsung, based on my reliable repair man's suggestion. But looking at them today at Lowes and going home to do as much research as one can online -- I think I'm going for the Samsung. I loved it's look; the size was right for my room; some people got lemons, however and I hope neither your nor I get one. I'm not so sure I need or want to pay for the steam feature, however, but the machine has features I want and sometimes you have to pay for top of the line features in order to get the lesser ones that you will use most often -- I need to research that more thoroughly.
I don't think it's a huge issue if sheets get rolled up; I haven't had a single washer or dryer that didn't occasionally get things rolling into a ball. If you see it happening, stop the machine if possible and sort it out. Not a big deal.
Right now, I'm going for the Samsung. Can't help you with owner experience, but maybe I've helped you go with your own instincts. That's really all we have unless you know a really good appliance person. Good Luck.

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