Is top loader the new curse word or revived trend?

MardoAugust 20, 2012

I'm strongly considering going back to a top load washer. Reaction is 50/50 when I tell people that. Either people give me the polite "oh that's nice" aka inner sympathetic snicker, or people grin broadly and say "yes! Me too!" aka a kindred spirit to share my dark secret who won't judge me for abandoning the front loader trend.

I'm wondering if more people are considering top loaders too and what are your reasons? Any particular models?

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If you are going back to a top loader thinking they are like they used to be you might be disapointed. I'm sure someone will pop on here and give you the scoop that knows more then I do. But.. If I remember right new regulations were or are due to take place and the top loaders will not fill up like they used to, they will have a lower water level even on full, something like 14" maybe. It seems to me in a washer with a regular agitator it would be harder then heck on clothes.

I do not think you are alone in considering making the change but out of curosity why do you want to go back to a top loader? Heck I'd consider it myself if machines, especially Maytag's were made like they used to be.

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We went with a GE front loader (Adora model, which was a HUGE and expensive mistake!) because we needed a large enough washer capacity to wash a king size comforter and we could only find a front loader that would handle that. It's true that the front loaders use less water, save energy and are theoretically easier on the clothing because there is no agitator, but our GE experience has been a nightmare.
The door seals tend to leak and develop mold, the GE Adora's walk all over the floor when spinning and simply cannot be balanced.

We will look for a top loader next time and we'll buy the largest capacity washer we can find that isn't a "GE" brand. Oh, another thing... with the front loaders, you have to (I believe) use only HE detergent...Not a huge issue for us, but it does limit your laundry detergent selection...

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My Samsung 520 HANDILY washes a HUGE, THICK King size comforter, so there is NO NEED to go with a top loader to do bulky items, IMO. After having a FL, I wouldn't touch a TL if it were FREE. Seriously. My TL washes amazingly well, uses little water, DOES NOT SUFFER FROM ANY MOLD ISSUES, and other than issues I have with their being a lack of hot water in the Normal Cycle, it works great. Other brands are equally excellent at getting clothes clean, GENTLY. My advice: stop getting hung up on reports of mold in FL or vibration issues--leave the door open after using it and don't forget to remove clothes from the washer within a few hours of the cycle completing.

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oops--To the OP: I didn't mean "stop getting hung up..". I meant simply "don't get hung up.." Didn't mean to imply that YOU are worried about either mold or vibration. :)

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IMHO FL have been oversold as the 'next best thing to sliced bread'. It's not that I have issues with FLs as much as I do with the HE versions of washers. Being stingy with the water usually means I have to short cycle the clothes a second time to really get them clean (and for the naysayers - I follow the manufacturers directions). It's like flushing the toilet twice because the gov says the 1st flush can only use 1.6L - I'm going back to TL & if I have to I'll go over to Mexico & buy one that fills with water.

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ratflinger, I never have to wash clothes twice to get them remarkably clean, including FILTHY shop rags. something's not right with your machine, water, or detergent. So count me as a "naysayer", but a naysayer who doesn't share your grief with a FL.

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I have had FL washers for 10 years. We recently rented a beach house with an old school TL washer. The TL used 10x as much water and detergent and just didn't clean well. Granted it did finish a load in 30 minutes. I had to pretreat everything! I ended up rewashing all of our clothes when we came home.

I believe that the mold/mildew issues in FL washers have been the result of people wanting to use their FL like they did their old TL. Too much detergent is a huge issue in FL.

As for capacity, I had an old Maytag that was suposedly supersized. I could barely wash a full size comforter in it and it required manual extra rinses and sitting on the washer when the spin cycle began. It also had mold on the top rim that had to be cleaned every so often. I will never go back to a TL, HE or other.

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I've only owned 3 washers but my FL (first two were TL) has been the best. I hope I'm still feeling this way in a few years LOL.

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For better or worse top loaders are going the way of the newspaper and the U.S. Postal Service. Times change and change is difficult for many folks. I love my FL but I adjusted my usage to make it work effectively.

Wouldn't go back to a TL or back to paying bills with a check.

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IMO, TL's are neither "the new curse word" OR a "revived trend". In every ad I see for washers (mainly TV, internet and newspaper), at least half of the washers are TL's, sometimes more than half.

FL's were all the rage for awhile, the new kids on the block, and a lot of people still like them, but a LOT of people still like TL's and get great results with them. I am one. :)

I do much prefer my HE TL (Maytag Bravos) and its internal water heater, plus its huge capacity which allows me to wash king-size comforters and huge loads of clothes with great water and energy savings.

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Approaching 7.5 years with my duet FL washer. I remember first getting it and I wasn't sure about it at all. After I past the learning curve and reading some things on the forum, I guess if I HAD to go back to a TL, I would, but I'd prefer NOT to. I've got in down to a pat how to use mine and it's easy breezy with never any mold or smells. I just hope this duet lasts years longer! I think my Duet is better than the newer FL washers on the market.......I could be wrong. I think mine is tier 1 and the new ones are tier 3

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