Breading always falls off my pork chops!

livvysmomJuly 3, 2008

I make beautiful breaded pork chops that melt in your mouth thanks to my convection oven.

But... I often have a hard time getting the breaded to stay stuck onto the meat. It either comes off in the pan that I am browning them in (I use plenty of oil!) or when you are cutting the meat while eating.

Right now I am using an egg wash (white and yellow) then bread crumbs. I have tried dredging in flour first and it did not seem to make a difference.

Any suggestions?

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To keep breading on, flour first, then eggs then crumbs....and let the meat sit on a rack to dry a bit before frying.
Linda C

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Linda is 100% right on. Until I did that, breading always fell off. Must be the resting thing.

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Thanks I'll try it next time!

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Also very important your meat is dry before you dip in the flour etc....

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As chase says, the meat has to be dry, as dry as you can get it.

When you flour it, make sure you get as much of the flour off as possible. You don't want a thick layer.

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Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, but I am glad I found this!

I always thought that the pork chops had to be wet prior to the flour. If the pork chops are dry as can be, how will the flour stick? I must try it dry next time and see for myself.

Is it possible to get he texture similar to fried chicken?

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I don't dry my meat before flouring...
The purpose of the flour is to dry the meat....then egg then crumbs.
But I don't dry the meat...I might pat it with a paper towel if it's been in a marinade...but I don't dry if it's just come out of a package.
It's not important that the flour stick, but just provide a base so it won't allow the egg not to slide off.
Linda C

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I am going to give this a try tonight. I usually don't bread pork chops, but this thread stuck in my head from months ago and it sounded pretty good.....

Thanks for the inspiration!


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I use flour first also.

Try 2 different ways :
Right in the flour or
Pat it dry with a paper towel a little.

Also try a thicker Egg Wash ( less milk )

I put a tablespoon of flour in the crumbs, besides
all kinds of Spices,
Parmesan Cheese , Garlic powder , Onion powder, salt , Pepper and with Pork an Italian pinch of Powdered Cloves

Sometimes I add crushed Corn Flakes or Rice Krispies, for a Crunchy Crust.
Save me one !!!

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If I think of it and have time, I flour the meat, then put it on a rack and refrigerate for about an hour before starting to cook. After taking it from the fridge I dip it in the beaten egg and then into the bread crumbs/Panko.

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