GW11 Fisher & Paykel won't drain

Beaner84August 30, 2013

My washer started leaking. We replaced the drain pump. As soon as we did this, when I run a load of laundry it will not drain. We disassembled the washer, scrubbed everything from top to bottom and put it back together. Totally disgusting. Started a new load with everything clean and it still won't drain. Checked the diagnostics. According to the lights, 3rd wash light on, 1st rinse light on and the spin light on the code is 200. Please help. Can't afford a new washer at this time. It is 10 years old.

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Regards to the machine not draining ... do you mean that the new pump doesn't run? Or the pump runs but the water doesn't drain? When it's supposed to be draining and you open the lid for a look-see ... is the water recirculating back into the tub? If so, that indicates a broken or clogged diverter valve. The diverter controls which way the pumped water flows -- out the drain hose, or back into the tub through the recirculation port.

The code you cite is 37, not 200. Fault 37 is Blocked Pump, but that doesn't necessarily mean the pump really is clogged or non-functional ... it just means the machine is supposed to be draining but the controller board is sensing that the water level is not going down as it should ... which is exactly what will happen if the diverter valve is stuck in recirculate mode due to being broken or clogged.

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