Please help me pick a washer dryer!

hobokenkitchenAugust 8, 2012

I am trying to pick a full size stackable front load washer and dryer combo. Research is tough with a colicky newborn so I could use any input!

We are looking for the following:

Total stacked height of 80" or less.

Energy efficient.

It will be on a wood floor.

Not a lot of movement.

Cleans well (obviously!)

Prefer a red or silver/ gray color as it is visible from the kitchen.

We were leaning towards Samsung or LG, but we're open to suggestions.

Any thoughts?

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The only input I can offer is I really like my Samsung but you will have a learning curve on matching load size/weight to correct spin setting. We did not buy the dryer so the washer is not stacked but our house has a crawl space so the flooring is wood and it doesn't move or bounce or bang about at all. You didn't say which model but I'd recommend whatever brand you buy, get one with an internal water heater. Also, the wash cycles are fairly long with the samsung. You can get an hour cycle on a normal with no extra settings but most of my wash cycles run 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 and I've had one just under 3 hours. My mother runs a charity thrift store and I take home a lot of stained items to wash and the extended cycles with pre-wash and steam (along with some pre-soaking in buckets and bathtub for very stained items) has allowed us to save most clothes that would usually be tossed.

So, really this just helps give you information on the Samsung. Hopefully someone with an LG can pipe up and give you more to go on in making a choice. :)

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I have a LG washer/dryer model WM3360HVCA (washer) with matching dryer.

I love them, or rather I should say I love it since I only have the washer hooked up. I'm planning to stack them in a closet which I'll have to spend money to have a new outlet put in and front of the closet expanded out.

It washes very well, it's gotten out stains that were in some clothes that had been washed at a commercial laundromat. I purchased these last year so they don't have the shortened cycles like the newer ones but I don't mind since I no longer work and I have a lot of time on my hands but generally the cycles can range anywhere from 45 mins up to 2 hours depending on wash cycle selections and added selections like pre-wash, extra rinse and spin cycle. There is a speed wash selection but I'm yet to use it.

They come in all the colors you mentioned, I have have the Titanium (gray) but red will cost you more.

I'm in NYC so the washer is on a wooden floor, there is very little vibration I can feel it only if I'm standing directly in front, but as long as you make sure your washer is level the less vibration. The only times I've experienced any large amount of vibration was due to having bulky items in when spinning and also the fact I didn't have the machine very level and I corrected that. I also make sure I select the Bulky/Large cycle selection and it spins no higher than medium for bulky items. There are 5 spin options, extra high, high, medium, low, and no spin. It has a total of 12 wash cycle selections including Sanitary which is for heavily soiled items that you can wash on high heat being that is the NY area that really comes in handy in case of bed bugs. There's an Allergiene cycle that you can use steam heat to really remove those allergens from your bedding and clothing, I like this feature too since I have allergies and asthma.

O'k, o'k I know I sound like a commercial but I really do like doing laundry I really like this machine.

It's energy efficient. 100 kWh -- estimated yearly electricity use, $9 estimated yearly operating cost

Dimensions: 77 1/2 inches high

27 inches in width

29 3/4 inches deep, + 4 inches needed for between machines and wall.

Dryer can either be vented from the back or left side.

The newer models really don't seem to have many differences other than instead of 4 buttons 3 buttons are on the front panel and they consolidated another feature somewhere else, that's the models that are equivalent to the ones I have but the models with the square doors are the ones that have the shortened wash feature and are higher in price.

A while back someone had a video up of an Electrolux. I was impressed by how it didn't move at all during the spin cycle. Before I got the LG I looked at a few Electrolux, loved the blue color (my favorite color) but they seem to run larger than other washers/dryers and cost more.

Hope I helped and didn't give you information

Oh and lastly I purchased mine from Best Buy, I didn't have any problems and I got them both on sale. Home Depot also carries LGs, best to watch out for the sales (usually around the holidays)and sometimes buying on-line may be cheaper. The dryer I purchased on Black Friday for almost half the price at Best Buy but Home Depot also offered the same deal.

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