FL washer questions

maxmillion_gwAugust 26, 2014

I'm going crazy with appliances and would appreciate any input!

I would like to put my washer and dryer side by side in a closet. There is a wall on the left which the washer door opens into. For those of you with FL washers, how hard is it to get clothes in and out when the door can only open to 90 degrees? Should I make the closet larger and shift them farther from the wall? If so, by how much? I'm looking at the Bosch Axxis line.

Also, are pedestals really that helpful? I am short. Is it worth losing a counter?


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I have the same similar setup to you with the washer right by the door, except the dryer is stacked on top.

"For those of you with FL washers, how hard is it to get clothes in and out when the door can only open to 90 degrees?"

Not really hard at all. It would be _nice_ to be able to open the door wider, but it definitely wasn't worth modifying anything for the wider angle.

"Also, are pedestals really that helpful? I am short. Is it worth losing a counter?"

This is a completely personal decision. However, I'll give you my opinion: I think they're a ripoff. They might be more worthwhile if prices were more reasonable, but I honestly think the manufacturers are making more money off the pedestals and the stupid overpriced matching dryers than they are the FL washers themselves.

Some people when asked will say that you NEED pedestals and they couldn't imagine having a set without. To them I say, give me a break. Chances are the sets they replaced had front loading dryers as well which had the door no higher than FL washers without pedestals. Somehow bending down to move the clothes to the dryer used to be fine, but now all the sudden since the controls are on the front we NEED the doors higher.

"Is it worth losing a counter?"

I would think twice before putting in a counter. Can't you just use the tops of the washer and dryer for folding or whatever you need to do? The top consideration when you design a laundry room is to make sure it is as easy as possible to service the machines. The best way to do this is avoiding stacking which I'm glad to see you've done. However anything you do to free up space in there will simplify things when the time comes. And it's more WHEN you need service than IF you need service. Because believe me, chances are something will go wrong with either that washer or dryer in the first 5 years of ownership.

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Thanks for the feedback. That's exactly what I was looking for!

Ideally I would have a removable counter -- maybe just a piece of plywood that comes out. I haven't thought that through yet. I'm not sure if I will actually fold laundry there, since it is the darkest area in the house. I think it might be best to wait and see how I end up using that space before I decide about shelving, cabinets and counter.

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If you want a counter, and want to be able to swing the washer door open wide, maybe you should stack them. Then you'll be able to position the stacked machines so the doors have plenty of room to open, and there may still be room for a countertop to the left (and maybe also a bit on the right). Plus you can use Bosch's pull-out/retractable shelf as your removable counter. This pic is from SearsOutlet online.

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Stacking sucks and you should NEVER do it if you have the room to avoid. Take it from someone who has a stacked pair, I didn't have enough space.

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I agree with hvtech, stacking isn't ideal. Side by side best, if you can get away with it. My pair are shoved into a laundry closet, what I would give for elbow room....
The door at 90 degrees works just fine when open as far as it will go, I get comforters in there no problem.

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Thanks for all the feedback! I'd rather not stack. I'm short and have always hated reaching into the top unit of a stacked set.

Looks like I should be able to reach everything with the door open 90 degrees, so I will leave it as is. They've already plumbed to that location.

For some reason, I know every detail there is to know about my kitchen (down to where salt and pepper and paper towels will go), but I just can NOT nail down the laundry!

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