Luxaire hvac

jmonty1971December 23, 2012

Doing a home remodel including all new hvac. Contractor proposes as follows:

Luxaire 13 seer ac with 80 percent gas fired furnace in attic
Luxaire 13 seer ac with 95.5 per cent gas fire furnace downstairs
Models are:


I have read a number of negative reviews on luxaire. Should I have any concerns about these products?

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It looks like Luxaire is owned by York. Here's some history on Luxaire (per

LUXAIRE: Founded in 1939, purchased by Westinghouse in 1955, was purchased by York in 1981.
YORK: Formerly a dvision of Borg-Warner, York International is now spun off. York also makes Fraser-Johnson, Luxaire, Moncrief, Winchester, Coleman-Evcon, AirPro, Red T. Also known in the past as Central Environmenal Systems. York was purchased by Johnson Controls in 2005.

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I don't know much about Luxaire other than it is lower end equipment typically used in new construction. I assume your general contractor is subcontracting the work to an HVAC contractor. If that is the case I suggest you find your own HVAC contractor. You don't want the low bidder installing low end equipment.

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I'm happy with my Luxaire.
Mine is heat pump 15 SEER vs ahu.
very quiet. dehumidified well in summer
low utility bills so far for winter.
I talked to a lot of installers and Luxaire
had less call backs than other brands
in my area.

I'm not understanding why OP would
chose 13 SEER a/c. this is the lowest
seer manufactured. same with 80%
furnace. in May of 2013 no 80% furnaces
above mason dixon line.

also gas from 1st floor will help to
heat second floor. heat pump might be
better option.

just about every big company name has lesser
cost brand.
trane/american standard is one example.
shop lesser cost brands by installers..don't ask
trane company to install am st..price will be same.
look for am st dealer.

install trumps brand IMO. make sure system
is sized with load calc & not rule of thumb
(400-500 sq ft per ton)all ducts should be
mastic sealed, no duct or foil tapes.
returns should be air tight.

shop around. find a brand & installer that
you are comfortable with. ask family & friends
for their input.

best of luck.

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Luxaire makes good stuff. I would upgrade the outdoor condensor to midgrade exterior cabinet. I have this model and it is very quiet.

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