Hidden Clean Washer Cycle in Older Duet/ HeT washers

mark40511August 28, 2011

1. Empty washer.

2. Take out detergent divider in dispenser drawer

3. Select POWER button


Select LOW SPIN speed

Select the Warm/ cold water temp

Set end of cycle signal to Softer

Push Extra rinse button 4 times

Door will lock

Machine will run for 3 minutes

4. After 4 beeps check washer for codes (AB)which means Add bleach. 1 c first time, 1/3 c thereafter To detergent


5. After cycle is complete, leave door open to air

I learned this from a friend of mine. I didn't ADD a whole cup of bleach through the dispenser. I just added maybe 1/2 cup. It's amazing to watch this cycle. I can't believe it's been there ALL this time. My Duet is almost seven years old

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Thanks for post. I've learned there are several versions of this. I learned about them here. Does not appear in the manual of my six-year-old machine.

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Does this work on your machine? Yes, There is another cycle which is a diagnostic code sequence that comes up C:01 through C:05 (I think) but some have mistakenly thought that was a clean washer cycle. I think that's just for a tech to check for issues with the washer.........But the sequence above is a true clean washer cycle. I've never been so shocked when it worked with my machine. I posted it on another forum and several are saying that sequence doesn't work on their machine which is about the same ago as mine and are either Duet washers or the Kenmore versions. I wonder if instead of extra rinse 4 times at the end if they should be using the prewash button instead. My machine doesn't have prewash so I'm wondering if the ones that do need to use that instead of xtra rinse. Can't imagine why it would work on mine but not theirs.

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My machine is at another location which I will be visiting tomorrow. I've printed out your sequence and will take it with me. Will report upon my return, probably Saturday.

Can't recall previous sequence which I printed out years ago and have kept at the location. Don't recall codes displayed but do recall it fills the machine, begins to tumble, heats to highest available capability, drains, and spins a bit. Takes about 12 - 15 minutes or so, as I recall. Just a single cycle....no beeps or codes asking for bleach or anything else. Just a stand-alone single cycle.

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OK, checked it out. This one doesn't work on my machine...which was purchased/installed 2/28/05....Duet 9400

Previous cycle-notice was from mrb627, Jan. 30th, '06 responding to yours of the same date. Your sequence didn't work then, either. His/her sequence taken from the tech-sheet taped inside of the machine does. It is a "diagnostic" cycle that takes about 18 minutes.

Power on
set to drain/spin
set spin speed to no spin
push prewash four times.

Machine fills, heats to 150+ will tumbling, drains, plus short spin. Displays codes from C:00 thru C:08 during the cycle.

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Yes. I suspected that this particular sequence would not work on your 9400. Mine is the 9300 built in Oct 2004 and purchased 4/2005.

Another person with a 9400 (like yours)on another forum tried it and the sequence didn't work on his. Someone had an he4t and at the end (instead of pressing extra rinse 4 times) they had to press end of cycle signal 4 times) and it worked on theirs.

I can't imagine that there isn't a certain sequence. Since my machine doesn't have a Prewash cycle like yours, for the diagnostic C:00 code, I have to use the extra rinse button to get that to work. So there must be a difference in sequence for machines that have more/less cycles

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And.....I have no doubt it's all different, now. Why should consumers have to live with this incredible burden of intentional obfuscation?

I'm happy. My machine works.....because with GREAT effort I learned on my own how it actually works and can make it do what I want it to. No wonder Joe and Sally Average are pulling their hair out. This forum has been well-littered with their complaints about this nonsense for almost a decade, now. And it continues with even the newest machines.

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I've never had any issues with my Duet at all. It's worked great. I just found it interesting that this was a hidden cycle that I didn't know about and it's really cool to watch it go. One thing that it is really effective at cleaning is the boot area that doesn't get a lot of water during regular washes.

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