Do you line your new kitchen drawers and shelves?

clancyspadJanuary 27, 2008

I was wondering if you line your new kitchen drawers and shelves? What do you use?

thank you

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Okay, if Mariposa reads this she's gonna start bustin' on me but good again....

I am NOT a line my drawers/shelves kind of gal, but after reading about Cushy Cupboards on this forum (do a search--you'll find plenty!), thought it might be a good idea to get a roll, and line some of my drawers/pull-outs. My mixer pull-out and pots/pans drawers and pull-outs immediately came to mind (to protect them from scratchesand marking from the metal) and possibly my pantry pull-out that I'd be using to store oils and vinegars (they always leave rings and residue where the bottles have been).

Well, that first roll got used up pretty darned fast, and I ended up ordering a second roll to line a few more assorted drawers and pull-outs (cue Mari's laughter....). The under-sink pull-outs could benefit from some protection from minor leaks and cleaning supply drips and spills. Lining some of those other drawers and pull-outs would prevent items from sliding all over while opening and closing them. Well, you get the picture. I did draw the line have refrained from lining every drawer and pull-out, and I am proud to say, that my shelves have remained unlined.......!!! LOL!

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Yep - cabinets and drawers with Cushy Cupboards. The best liner you'll ever use. Expensive, but worth it.

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I only lined the drawers that house my pots and pans or other heavy stuff that would easily scratch the surface. That's 4 drawers out of 20 and not a single shelf. My shelves are Melanin coated to wiping them down is quite easy. So far, the only shelf that I really have to wipe regularly is the one that holds oils and vinegars.

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Clear contact paper so you can't fully see it and the shelves are protected.

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I lined shelves/drawers with Cushy Cupboards when I needed thick protection (pots and pans drawers) or when I needed a slick-enough surface in which to slides things off. Elsewhere, in places where I just needed some cushioning, I used Kittrich Magic Grip Shelf Liner--which is easier to trim precisely and which I could easily get locally.

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Nope - first time I've had nice cupboards that didn't have crappy shelf liner. So I'm enjoying them rather than covering them up with liner - no matter how nice it is. If they get beat up some day, I'll cover them up then. It's been three years - no signs of wear and tear so far.

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Good quality melamine interiors negate the need for any linings. Mine are in perfect shape after 18 yrs of abuse and clean with a sponge and spritz of Windex.

If I could take these cabs with me when I sell this house, I'd do it in a heartbeat!

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LMAO@ -> Cat_mom!! That's hilarious, but true. Cat gave me beans when I told her that I'm a lining kind of gal, and I couldn't get her to budge at first...but now you get the picture, LOL

Luckily for me, we lined under the vanity sinks because there was a plumbing problem and major leaking! My Cushy liner helped or we would have had warping and a mess to clean up. I also bought several rolls of the liner from LinensNT...can't remember the name now. Both are good and I have used them wherever I feel needed the extra help.

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I only lined one shelf - it has the oil and other liquids. I did line a couple of drawers - the drawers with utensils that will slide around. Otherwise - no liners.

My old cabinets were very cheap - raw unfinished wood in some, cheap wood looking paper in others, so the drawers and shelves had to be lined just to use them. My new cabinets are so well made and the shelves and drawers are top quality - there's no need to line them.

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Knew you would Mari!!!!

Our drawers, pull-outs, and shelves are all maple and/or maple veneer BTW. Most of the drawers/pull-outs that I did end up lining with CC (and it's NOT all of them!) were ones that would benefit from some extra cushioning, slip-prevention, etc. There's much less noise when I open my pots/pans drawer and pull-outs, and my Pyrex drawer (man, those glass baking dishes can rattle!). I had NO desire (or need) to line every one, or to line a single, beautiful maple veneer shelf. :-)

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Back in the days when we rented places I ALWAYS lined everything---with the miserable contact paper that always ended up everywhere but where I wanted it to be. I haven't lined my current cabinets and drawers, but now I want to know: What's so special about Cushy Cupboards? Are they easy to keep clean? They're not sticky-backed, are they? Do they stay in place? Why do I need to add this to my ever expanding list of things I must have in my kitchen?

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Not sticky-backed at all. In fact it looks almost like packing foam, but thicker and stiffer. I like that it cushions the drawers and pull-outs where I used it. It muffles some of the noise when I put my pots and pans and glass bakeware away, and cuts down on the rattling when I open/shut those same drawers/pull-outs. It keeps my electric fry pan, my stand mixer, my food processor and its assorted parts from sliding around when I open or close their pull-outs and my cutting boards from doing the same in their drawer (not to mention protecting the wood from the mineral oil I use on my wood carving and cutting boards). I also ended up putting some pieces of CC on the bottom of my tray cab. I don't know if sliding my baking sheets and cooling racks in and out would have scraped up the cab floor or not, but my pizza stone stored in that cab surely would have, so I put pieces of CC on the cab floor on both sides of the divider.

Is it a must have? That's up to you.

Oh, and they do pretty much stay in place.

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Cat Mom, Thanks for the explanation. One more question---is it very thick? I'm assuming it doesn't take away much from the room on the shelf or in the drawer.

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Cushy Cupboard liner adds about 1/8" thickness. We have it in most of our drawers and cupboards, and it really keeps things from moving around. We put LifeLiner on most of our pantry shelves.

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About 1/8" sounds about right.

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Like some of the other posters, I only lined the cabinets where I store glassware, or the drawers where loose items slide around. I used VERY inexpensive liners from IKEA -- work beautifully for what I needed, are very durable, and are extremely easy to cut to fit. I ended up also lining all my (many) pantry shelves, because I wanted to be able to easily clean them easily and I didn't want boxes and jars marring the painted shelving in there. I love them!

Here is a link that might be useful: IKEA drawer/shelf mats

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I used a squishy (not Cushy Cupboards) liner on the drawers with plates and glasses, to stop them from sliding when someone closes the drawer with a hip check. And I lined the pot and pan drawers to prevent damage scratching. Everything else is bare. I purchased a LOT of liner (different types) and it is sitting in my pantry.

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I used clear LifeLiner everywhere except under the sink, didn't think about under the sink, gotta look into doing that this weekend.

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I couldn't buy CC in Canada and the shipping from the US was incredible so someone here suggested Life Liner from Linens 'n Things and I tried it (in clear; it also comes in white and maybe other colours--can't quite remember) and ended up buying a ton of it and using it in every kitchen cabinet and drawer and have some left for our future bathroom remodels. I have nicely finished maple coloured melamine interiors but wanted some protection. The clear doesn't stand out at all and I'm very happy with it. One caveat when using it--it says not to place hot items from the dishwasher on it.

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Debra Wright

Can someone tell me how much a roll of Cushy Cupboards is? We are just in the process of having new kitchen cabinets put in and I want to protect my pots and pans drawer from scratches.

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$18 for 12" x 10 feet, $30 for 24" x 10 feet.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cushy

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