Asko 220v ventless stackable washer & dryer

emaemesAugust 30, 2012

I am planning to buy the Asko 220V ventless stackable washer and dryer...

I've been told that the Asko combination washer/dryer is terrible, but the separate units are very good....

Does anyone have advice ?

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All combo washer/dryer in one are mediocre at best. That includes the one or two Miele makes and doesn't market in the US.

Problem is that a washer can wash far more than a dryer can dry in the same drum space. It takes room for tumbling to take place to allow clothes to dry. The combo units are the size of a 6 kilo washer drum and no more. So you end up with very small loads that take a long time to dry. If you're doing underwear and towels for one person maybe it would be almost okay. But anything more in terms of load, and you're asking for trouble. Buy separate units if you have any way to fit them in.

Ventless or condenser dryers work well. They're quite common in Europe and becoming more usual here in the US. They work by heating the clothes far hotter than a standard dryer, and then condensing the steam that rolls off them and pumping it into the drain or storing it onboard the dryer and signaling you when it's time to empty the water storage unit.

Condenser dryers also take longer to do a load of clothes and you MUST le them go thru their cool down cycle or the damp hot clothes can give you a nasty steam burn! Most have locking doors that won't open until the contents have cooled enough to avoid injury to the user. . . so to recap, they're slower, hotter, and cost more to run because of the heat and the fact they run longer. BUT IF YOU HAVE NO WAY TO VENT A STANDARD DRYER, they're much better than hanging clothing in the bathroom to dry!

We had one in Europe for three years and got used to it. Ours was a Miele with a matching washer and worked great. The condenser unit has to be pulled out and cleaned every now and then (once every month or so) and a light and signal tell you when. It's not an awful task but it does take fifteen or twenty minutes to get it right. One of those things the maid will never do properly. Like changing the bag in the vacuum. Just doesn't seem to occur to household help for some reason!

The ASKO high end Washer and Dryer are said to be great design. They seem to have service problems sometimes and ASKO service is spotty in the US. Make sure you have factory service available in your area before you pop for the two grand the washer can cost. Also, get the super-extended waranty on Asko products from ASKO. A five year service extension is like $300 if purchased at the time you buy the washer. Well worth the money, I'm told.

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The Asko combination washer-dryer ran on 120v and was based on a completely different design that was originally made by a different company before a merger or some such, it wasn't a real Asko product per se - and I don't think they sell them anymore anyway. The regular Asko 240v washers are excellent performers.

> The combo units are the size of a 6 kilo washer drum and no more.

LG sells a 10 kg combo W/D in the US, which is the size of a large American front-load washer. But unfortunately it too runs on 120 volts/15 amps, so it's dog slow - one load can take up to 4 hours.

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