Miele 1926 - repair or replace?

gymnsocrAugust 23, 2012

My ten year old Miele 1926 is ailing. It spins fine in one direction and groans and sputters in the other. It has been a great machine hassle free machine until now. The tech diagnosed a motor issue with a $700+ repair. How long do the circuit boards last? A new washer with stand and internal heater will be a lot more. The larger Miele has been discontinued and the 3000 series is smaller. Should I repair it or replace it? And what machine do you suggest?

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Yikes. I'm sorry to hear your Miele has an issue after only 10 years(a short life for a Miele IMO). I have this same machine, purchased in 2002. Luckily, mine still runs like the day I got it. However, mine only does laundry for 2 people plus pets, so your mileage may vary.

I personally would repair it. Chances are, you'll get another 10 years out of it. I wouldn't worry about the electronics. Miele manufactures their own, in house. They aren't toy like garbage from the 3rd world. A new machine will cost more, and might not even last 10 years, unless it's a Miele of course, lol.

If you call/look around, you might still be able to find a dealer with the 48xx series in stock. It's a long shot, but worth a try if you are interested. The new 3000 series is only a tiny bit smaller than the 6 Kilo units, and probably wouldn't be all that noticeable. Just my 2 cents.

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5 left in stock. Not sure about a dryer though.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele W4842

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Thanks sssnetboy26.

I am leaning towards repair if the replacement drum is the same as the original. (will call Miele tomorrow.)
It seems the newer washers don't heat water as hot. Plus my laundry room is above a basement and I am not sure the floor will support the 4842. I may reconsider if the 4852 is able to wash a queen comforter...
Do you have any idea of the normal lifespan of the circuit boards?

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Ah, I thought you were having a motor issue. You need a new drum then? Or main bearing? Miele claims to stock parts for discontinued models for 15 years, so you should have the same identical part for your machine available.

That also makes the case for a W4842 despite the fact that they have been discontinued, as parts would be available for some time to come.

You are correct about the temps, but I have found that I rarely ever use anything above 140... on rare occasion I take it up to 155 for a pet mess or whatever. The newer machines can hit 70C even with their 120v heaters.

That being said... I have a newer LG washer as well... and washing(filling) with hot water boosted by a 120v heater is a whole different ball game than starting with cold every time(assuming your machine is hooked up for cold fill), and heating from there. Another major annoyance is that all newer machines (non-euro) made since 2009 or so regulate HOT @ 106(read warm). WARM @ 86(read cold), and Sanitize @ 157. No 120, no 140... It's infuriating, but that's for another thread.

Anyway, just some food for thought. I've heard nothing but good things about the cleaning ability of the new machines as well. I just personally don't want to give up 240v until I absolutely have to.

Re: circuit boards - They are claimed to be designed to last the 20 year design life of the machine.

I hope this helps and doesn't serve to make your decision more difficult!

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I appreciate the feedback. I called Miele USA. I don't need a drum, just a motor, and I am on the list for repair in a week. (Still $$$) It took two weeks to get someone here initially!
Until then, I will shop a bit and see if something else catches my eye!

How do you like your LG compared to the Miele?

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Keep the Miele. They don't sell the 220V machines in the USA anymore and that means you can no longer get the high temperature heater or set it to do a profile wash.

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