replace Washer and Dryer or Just Dryer?

cinjosAugust 5, 2013

Hi all,

My dryer is broken and needs to be replaced. We originally bought a set 16 years ago and have replaced the dryer once already. Should I replace just the dryer again or replace the whole pair? The washer works fine.

Thanks in advance for your expertise!

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Assuming you don't have your W/D setup in your living room, where style would be critical...

If it isn't broke, don't fix it.

Aside from saving money, and using that money for something else (or a nicer washer later when your washer does break)...

You're gambling that a new washer will last longer / perform better than your current washer, and that is an absolute gamble.

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Wondering why you've replaced your dryer twice in 16 years against one washer, considering that dryers typically have double the service life as washers.

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JoeNY7 - Those were my thoughts, too. Thanks for confirming! I'm only worried that the washer will die shortly after buying the dryer and then I won't have taken advantage of the price break in buying a pair.

Dadoes - I don't know - I am wondering the same thing! Could I be doing something wrong? I usually do all my laundry in one day (for a family of 5). Does this wear out the dryer more quickly?

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We are replacing a 38 yr old dryer (that is still working)and at the same time replacing a 15 yr old washer. Maybe the washer would have many more years but updated size and hopefully performance. We ordered a front loader washer and the matching dryer after only having the traditional agitator type washer. These will be in the basement and we didn't care if they matched. Both should be more energy effiecient.

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WRT to cost - where are you buying from?

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Regarding the frequent dryer replacements. Are you cleaning the vent run periodically? And are you cleaning the dryer vent beyond the screen that comes out. I vacuum as much as I can in the area were the screen is held, using a very long flexible crevice tool. I have recently purchased an auger/brush like tool that hooks up to a drill with 12 feet of extension. I hope it works to clean out my vent run so I don't have to unhook the thing like we do now.

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