Frigidaire FL washer code E43

rfjm1958August 1, 2011

I have a model GLTF240FS1 front load washer. Just recently it began not spinning. The code states to change the main board. Misc forums for other similar units also mention poeple have changed latches along with the main board. What happens is as it moves thru the diffrent cycles when it gets to point where it needs to spin, no matter what spin speed it is set on it will switches to no spin. Any suggestions would be helpful.

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You can try unplugging it for about an hour and see if it resets the computer inside. I've had to do that with mine. I do not have the exact model you do, but I do have Frigidaire front loader.

I had to have my board replaced because my machine was not putting any hot water into the machine at all. Since it was changed I haven't had to reset it by unplugging it, so a new board may be unavoidable.

Also, be very careful with the door lock assembly. All Frigidaire front loaders are notorious for front lock assembly breaks and they all use the same type. Make sure your door is always tight by the hinges so the door doesn't hang and close the door gently. I have always closed mine gently, but had to have it replaced twice. It wasn't until the second change that the tech told me even the slightest unnoticable hang of the door can wear the lock.

To avoid mold on the Frigidaire door gaskets, wipe the gasket completely dry after you are done using it at the end of the day and leave the door open. Maybe even once or twice in between washes if you are doing a lot of laundry that day. Wiping the gasket dry is the only thing I have found which prevents the mold from growing on it and if it starts growing it is almost impossible to get off because it starts on the inside of the gasket material.

I hope all of this helps you and I am very sorry to hear your board is acting up. Maybe you will have better luck with your Frgidaire than I have had with mine. Once mine is out of warranty and has a failure, I am just going to chuck it and buy a different machine. I was kicking around the idea of an LG or Miele.

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