Reliable but inexpensive front loader?

navi_jenAugust 21, 2011

Hi all...

Long time listener, first time caller. I need your collective wisdom.

I recently purchased a house that needs a washer...and I couldn't take my Bosch Axxis front loader with me when I sold the condo :-(

In a perfect world, I'd buy a Miele, no question. However, the house only has 110 electrical service, and the upgrade to 220v is likely 3 to 5 years off.

It's only me, so capacity isn't a concern (I'm fine taking the occasional bulky item to the 'mat). Neither is service as I'm just outside Boston. Neither is vibration or noise, since it's going on a concrete basement floor. Don't need all the bells and whistles (still not convinced about steam cleaning, really concerned about motherboard failures)...just a basic reliable washer that gets my neverending stream of white cycling socks spotlessly clean.

Finally, I'd prefer not to spend an arm and a leg ($600 or more), since I'll likely upgrade to a Miele when the electric service is upgraded. Would love one with an internal heater, but not sure it's possible on 110v or my budget.

Is what I'm asking for impossible? Samsung's WF220ANW seems decent, but I'm concerned about reliability. I miss my Bosch :-(

Thanks in advance...

Jenny on the block (with a washer)

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I've been shopping for W/D and purchased Samsungs -- so I hope your concerns about reliability are unfounded!! It's always a worry when purchasing new appliances. My new set is beyond your desired price, but Sears is having good prices on the Kenmores, as well as others right now. I really was happy with my Kenmore Elites until the washer went! If you don't think you would use the steam/sanitize features, there are a number of machines out there that would fit your basic needs for now. I was told that Whirlpool is still making Kenmores, except for one of their really basic models, which is made by Frigidare (I think). The next generation Kenmore will be made by LG. Mine were made by Whirlpool and they suited me just fine, but only for 8 years. Then, of course, why not just buy a Whirlpool. My head has finally stopped spinning after finally making my choice. If I were you, given your description of needs, I would go to the top of any line, just below all the bells and whistles of the steam, sanitize, super large capacity, etc.
I understand Bosch is out of the home appliance business in the US, even though they've stock piled parts, I'd stay away from them or do a lot more research.
Sadly, there's a lot of mis-information on the internet and conflicting opinions here as well as in the stores. I wish you luck.

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Do your homework. Miele has an entire line-up for the American market that runs on 110v. There have been countless posts on this forum about them.

Here is a link that might be useful: Miele USA washers

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And Bosch is certainly not out of the home appliance business by a long shot, just discontinued their big-size front loaders.

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Annie/Bernse...that's what I understood as well...that they are discontinuing their 27" front loaders, which is fine as they are too big.

Asolo...I did do some preliminary homework, but I missed that Miele's USA runs on 110v (alot of what I read mentioned converting 220v, so I assumed it was the same in the US). It was my understanding, though, to get the really hot temps, that you needed 220v. Am I missing something?

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Miele used to sell 220v machines here. Theirs and some others at 220v would go to 200F. I am unaware of any 110v machine that goes above 170F. Most are 155-160F max. on their "sanitary" cycles or "clean machine" cycles.

If you want/need temps above 160F in America your choices will be quite limited.

I regard 160F as "really hot". I consider a "normal" hot wash to be 125-130F. You should find a wide selection of machines that will provide temperatures like those in several of their cycles.

Be advised that there's a silly/dishonest trend among purveyors of American-market machines to obscure the temperatures they really deliver. They really don't want to tell you. Words like "hot", "warm", and "cold" now mean whatever a particular manufacturer says they mean. For example, it has been frequently reported on these forums that some machines regard "hot" as 95F....etc. You will have to dig to find out what any particular machine will actually provide in their various cycles. Very annoying.

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Asolo...thanks for the reply. It's helpful to understand what temperature ranges are considered 'hot' by the Laundry room experts.

I was able to pick up a Bosch WFL2090UC washer (the same that was in my condo) on closeout yesterday for an astonishing $400. With Temp Boost, it heats up to 160 degrees, and it runs on 110. Yay!

Thanks again, all for your help. Now onto finding an inexpensive dryer :-)

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