Kohlrabi...new, delightful experience

Annie DeighnaughJuly 10, 2014

Had kohlrabi for the first time last night. It was delish. DH's family used to grow it and make it all the time, but he doesn't remember how they prepared it. He seems to remember eating a lot of the greens and he remembers his grandmother making creamed kohlrabi.

I sauteed it up in ghee/EVOO with onion after soaking for 30 min in salted water, and then hit it with chopped basil. It was really nice, yummy, and gentle in flavor. Pain in the neck to clean, but it was good!

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We love it raw and often serve it as a crudite with some dip. Love the crunch.

I also will cut into strips and gentle simmer until tender, drain the water and season with a touch of cream and nutmeg.

So far I have harvested 5 bulbs and have planted some more!

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Not sure why it was off my radar for so long. Really good. Bought some not long ago wandering through the market. I should have planted some to see how it does in my fussy climate...
I'll try it raw and always forget how good a bit of nutmeg can be.

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I also like it a lot, mine's not quite ready yet. Like Peppi, I mostly like it raw, but I've roasted it with root vegetables and it's good that way too.


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I roast it (450) with olive oil and garlic.

I'll have to give it a try as a raw crudite. In fact, I want to bring something out of the ordinary to a dinner meeting next week. I think this will generate some conversation amongst this non-foodie committee.

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Sleevendog, it should do fine in zone 5, which is the same as mine. I read that kohlrabi likes cooler temps, so it would be perfect for fall planting.

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Sleevendog, it should grow where you are.
I always remember our neighbour, who moved to the city from the country which was an hour north of us.

The first year she planted a garden here, she was so angry, as the rabbits ate all of her kohlrabi. She said in all the years she had a garden in the country no one ever touched it. Moving here, she can't keep anything growing in her garden because of the rabbits and chipmunks.

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That is exciting news. I don't have a big fall planting list but that is on it. I have to follow zone 3-4 being 5a in the mountain main garden. So about aug 15th planting.
I've had frost as early as Aug 25ish and last year it was mid oct...a bit of a guessing game.

Here is a link that might be useful: planting zones

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Annie Deighnaugh

We are in zone 5 and FIL used to grow it all the time.

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Haven't seen it around here and miss it! About all they sell here are rutabagas.
My grandma used to cut Kohlrabi into thick slices, steam until almost tender, and then bread and fry. She also used to sautee it with leeks, which was very tasty. But my favorite was steamed potato slices and Kohlrabi slices mixed with a cream sauce.

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I agree, sleevendog, it should grow for you. I'm zone 5 and it grows quickly, well, and prolifically.

Mine are just starting to make bulbs now, though, they got a late start as the beginning of the growing season was so dry. Now it's wet and cool, and the garden loves it, although I'm finding the first signs of speck already on the tomato plants. I'll have to pick up some fungicide or neem oil, I guess.


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Kohlrabi grows great as both a spring and fall crop for me.

I prefer it raw. Peeled, sliced thinly, and salted. I also use it in a slaw. Shred it up with carrots and/or other hard vegetables, toss with a vinaigrette and let it marinate for an hour or two (or longer) before eating.


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I have no idea when kohlrabi will show up in our farmer's markets. I looked for it today. Another "I never did that before" meal to look forward to preparing. I will try it when it shows up. And think of you and GW.
Thank you for sharing!

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Bellsmom, it's not at the farmer's markets here yet, either, but I'm expecting it any time, they are usually a couple of weeks ahead of me with their hoop houses and cold frames.

I have been eating radishes, some baby turnips and greens, lots of mizuna. We just picked the first zucchini today, as well as a still green cayenne...


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