Please recommend a stacking washer/dryer

techedAugust 30, 2011

Greetings! I turned to this forum 7 years ago when I purchased a stacking W/D for my laundry room. I was so pleased with all the advice I received to buy the Whirlpool Duet. I never had problems with an odor, because I knew to crack the door to the washer.

Well, we have moved to a new house. I was so excited that there were what appeared to be a newer stacking set in the master bedroom. Unfortunately, although they are only 6 years old, they were not that great to begin with and were not taken care of. The smell is overwhelming and the washing is actually rusting down the front (the gasket allows water to leak down the front at the end of the cycle). No amount of washer cleaner or bleach can get rid of the smell and there are technical problems too (sometimes forgets to spin or the dryer takes hours to dry). Also, although these are a compact set, they sit out 6-7 inches from the back of the closet to allow for venting so the closet door will not close.

So, I am in the market again. The closet is 32" deep with the door closed. If we can have the dryer reconfigured with a side vent, we should have enough room to buy a larger set. What do you recommend? We would prefer a quieter set with less vibration (possible?). I was very happy with the Duet, and I really could care less about steam and all kinds of digital controls--simple is better. I would like to pay Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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LG and Samsung are good choices. Samsung has what the manufacturer calls VRT, Vibration Reduction Technology and they claim its partuclarly good for a non-basement setup. Size wize, it looks like either would work.

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My family and I rent a condo at Hilton Head in the summer and we loved their GE stackable that was in it. You know it takes a beating with renters who don't care and yet we returned this year and I know this is silly but I was looking so forward to using the stackable again. It was so quiet!! They owners had a sign up to use only two tablespoons of detergent and that is what we did and things just got so clean. The only thing negative is that it is so far on the ground to get things out of the washer. I ended up sitting on the floor to pull things out. Maybe you could put a stool in front of it. A friend of mine has a GE largest capacity and she hates it but she thinks if you get a smaller one you are better off because she believes the large capacity contributes to them getting out of balance easily. I've had a problem with my Maytag doing that as well.

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We recently installed the Huebsch HE stackable washer/dryer at work. They seem to work well and are fairly quiet. I have no idea what the price was for them.
Best of luck in whatever you choose.

Here is a link that might be useful: Huebsch stackables

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