Help need a quick answer, before making final payment

mea5December 10, 2012

We just finished a deck rebuild. In the process and in the quote by our builder was to relocate 2 A/C units. The units have been moved, the job is complete (with the exception of the A/C being functional) The builder said he will come back in the spring, as he cannot do it with temps below 60 degrees.

Does this sound legit? How should I handle ensuring that he does come back? He is asking for final payment tomorrow.

Hope one of you experts is on tonight! Thanks so much.

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He is correct in that running the AC in cold temperatures could cause damage. How old were the condensers? Moving old AC equipment is risky. You may have a leak next year. Have the units been connected and recharged with refrigerant? If you have a leak you will see it by the spring.

Ideally you should withhold some amount of money so he will have his HVAC tech come back in the spring. I think this is a reasonable request given that the job has not been completed.

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Thank you for the quick response! The units are probably as old as the house 1999. We understood that there could be some risk, but it was a very bad placment for the units and the deck wa built around them. The builder wrote it into the contract that they would be back. I think they are connecting them now, but will come back in the spring to add freon if needed.

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