Small sink for laundry room?

rosesstinkAugust 9, 2011

I'm becoming frustrated looking for a small sink for my laundry room/half bath. Hope you all can help. Currently there is a standard 20 x 20 free standing tub in there. It is a really tight squeeze and I don't like it anyway. I'd like a drop in, preferably stainless or porcelain, sink about 14 x 14 x 10 (8 if I have to).

I'm not terribly concerned about the cabinet. I'll have one made if need be. I have searched for laundry room sinks and kitchen sinks but I'm not finding the size I want. Anyone have ideas on where I might find a sink that fits my needs? TIA

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I have more like a stainless steel bar sink in my laundry room and love it! Didn't want a big tub and this works perfectly for our family's needs, hand washing and place to soak an item or two if need be. Lowes has them.

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Thanks kon45! I didn't even think to search for bar sinks. Some of those are definitely closer to the size I'm looking for than anything I found previously.

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Here's a cute laundry room by Sarah Richardson where she uses a small round bar sink (she's done it a few times).

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That looks great! I am renovating an apt and the laundry room will be a combo utility room with the furnace. I am not fond of stackables and want top loader laundry as well. I felt the utility sink might be tight but did not think of a smaller round sink though will look for something deeper. Thanks for the idea.

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