Front Loaders ROCK!!!!

itguy08August 6, 2011

Good Evening Fellow Laundry Freaks!

I gave our washer a good workout today and thought I'd report back here. I just wish there were an easy way to post pictures....

I did some work on the wifes car today replacing some suspension parts. This work involved a lot of WD40 and grease to get the 7 year old bolts off.

All I had left was a white t-shirt which was a freebee from a vendor and an old pair of jeans. After 3 hours of work the white shirt had plenty of grease stains and was pretty much a black shirt. The jeans had much the same look but both legs had a huge WD40 stains on them as I ended up dripping some on them.

Popped them into the Kenmore, added a scoop of Sears Ultra plus and a scoop of Clorox Oxygen bleach. Selected Heavy Duty, Stain Cycle, Steam, and 2nd rinse. After it figured the load, it was a 2 hour cycle....

When it was done I was shocked. The shirt was white again with maybe a blue tint from the jeans. The grease and stains were all gone! The jeans looked almost brand new - stains were gone and they looked as great as an old holy pair of jeans can look. Everything smells clean and looks great.

For those that say FL's don't clean well or get stains out, you're wrong. :) I've never had these results in our old top loader.

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I love my front loader too. Don't want to take away from your post but WD40 has long been a good degreaser in laundry. The WD40 drips (because it's solvent based) helped get the grease out as much or better than the oxibleach.

But yeah. FLers rock in cleaning compared to top loaders.

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Wait... so you are saying to use WD40 on grease stains? If this works, you are a miracle worker, I have tried so many things over the years and never would have thought of WD40.

And yes, itguy, they DO rock! I love my LG, wouldn't trade it for a top loader ever.

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Yes, WD40 is excellent at removing oil-based stains.

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