Vaska + Purex Crystals = great softness

itguy08August 14, 2011

After trying to get our towels soft I (with the help of the forum) stumbled on Purex Crystals. So I picked up some of the Fresh Spring Waters scent...

Using Vaska free for the wash and the crystals in the tub the towels are pretty soft. And using this combination gives great softness in regular clothes as well.

Not sure I'm in love with the scent - it smells "weird" to me being that we're used to Downy. But I'm going to give it a shot and see if we grow to like it. Or maybe try the other scents.

But the softness from the combo seems to be very good to me.

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Afer reading about Purex crystals here I purchased a jar. When we used it we didn't notice much benefit, but the crystals softened to white flakes that stuck in the folds of the door seal and took severe wiping over many wash loads to finally (I hope) get totally removed. Check the folds of your door seal. We have a Samsung washer so I know it is a problem with our seal. Would never use it again.

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I have noticed a very fine grit in the door seal. But I'm not sure if that's because we've been doing a lot of rags lately as one of our renovation projects has us burning through a lot of them. And these projects have a fine powdery dust.

But I will definitely keep an eye on it. Thanks!

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@itguy, where did you buy the Vaska? I went to three different Targets that are supposed to carry Vaska and neither had it. I dont want to order online since I never smelled it and would like to do so before I buy it. I only heard about Vaska

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Anceska, make sure that you are looking at the right place in Targets. Mine has Vaska (the unscented variety) but it is not with the rest of laundry detergents. It is in a separate section that has various natural cleaners. It is also on the lowest shelf in that section, so it's easy to miss.

As to Purex Crystals, I tried them and saw no softening effect. Vaska on its own actually leaves everything nice and soft and you really do not need fabric softener when using Vaska. I also didn't like the scent of the crystals. I have not tried regular Vaska but the unscented variety has a very light fresh herbal scent.

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@Anceska - our local Target has stopped carrying Vaska, but our local Fresh Market still sells it. If you have a Fresh Market near you, perhaps they'll have it.

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If you order on-line from they will ship for free with your first $25 order. They carry Vaska.

Love Vaska. Just washed a load of pjs with it and they smell SO nice. I use the lavender version.

Have not tried the Purex. Not available in Canada yet. Not sure I would like them. Very picky about too much scent.

Here is a link that might be useful: - vaska

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Thank you, I will go to check again and I will ask in Fresh Market as well. When I was in Target I grabbed a bottle of Downy Pure Essentials softener. It does not smell bad but still little too strong.

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While I found the Purex Crystals (same as Henkel's Vernel cyrstals in Germany) to smell quite nice...they had ZERO softening ability. Also, even though I love scented laundry...the scent was too strong and lasted too long!

Our THREE local Targets no longer carry, or sell Vaska (either on the aisle with mainstream detergents, or in the "bio" aisle). I spoke with 2/3 managers, and they told me it just did not sell. The price, smell and liquidy consistency was a turn off for most customers! :(

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That is weird about Vaska. I love the smell - smells like a high end spa to me.

Jury is still out on the Fresh Spring Water Purex - I'm really not liking the smell. Sort of smells like a little BO mixed in with the fragrance. I just can't put my finger on it but it smells "off" to me.

I do like the product so I may try their lavender scent to see if it smells better.

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I really like the scent of Vaska, but I have too many suds in the rinses so don't use it.

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I love the smell of Vaska in the bottle and don't mind it on light use clothing. However I really, really don't like the way my towels smell when I use it.

I don't notice it when they are freshly laundered, but when I open the cupboard where I store all my towels, I really, really don't like the way they smell. It is almost a waxy , not very clean smell.

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Our local Target doesn't carry it, but our local grocery stores does (HEB). It is located on the aisle with the floor cleaners right next to the Pine Sol of all places.

The fragrance it leaves behind on your clothes is very light.
But it is a little strong smelling in the bottle. Once you mix it with the wash water it smells nice!

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