Barker Cabinets sample cabinet came today!!!

dcward89January 17, 2014

I am so excited to see the sample cabinet from Barker Cabinets. I'm waiting on my hubby to get home so we can put it together. I have been sold on Barker since early in our cabinet search but I wanted to get the sample cabinet to ensure he was as assured of the quality as I am. It is absolutely beautiful. The inside and outside of the "box" of the cabinet is beautifully finished maple plywood and the door is perfectly finished.

I know my husband is going to approve and that means tomorrow will be the day I place my order. I have it all ready in my "Cart" on the Barker website so tomorrow we'll measure again...and re-measure and re-re-measure and then I can hit that "Place Order" button that I've been itching to do for weeks!!!

Sorry if this is a boring post but I thought if anyone else could understand my excitement, it would be all of you!!

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Getting this close to cabinet ordering is exciting! Hope all goes well

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How exciting!!!

Make sure you accounted for any needed spacers at the walls, appliances, and corners. I'd hate to see you back in a few months with stuff that won't open right!

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Having purchased from Chad Barker, I certainly get it! They really do a nice job and the service? Oh, my.

How exciting. Make certain you have all the right tools assembled. It makes things a lot easier. Don't forget your drawer glides!! I have a few tips to make it easier to put them in when you're ready. I am a self-proclaimed drawer installation expert by now.


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Yay! That's very exciting. Having just put together the IKEA SuperHack, I know how exciting it is. And, when they start getting assembled its UBER exciting! Just measure, measure, measure, double check your fillers, and measure again! ;) Good luck! I hope it all comes together perfectly!

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Hooray, Super Exciting! It gets so real when you start getting your hands on your own cabinets. If you plan to assemble them yourself, I second CEFreeman's great advice to get a good tool kit ready to go.

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I just ordered Barker this week too! I was so nervous to place the order. It is really going to happen.... I had my 6 year old help me assemble our sample cabinet. She was excited to make it until I told her were are getting the whole kitchen shipped ready to assemble! Lol

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Congrats! I was able to visit their showroom, and I was very impressed with their product.

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Thanks for all of your comments. We put the sample cabinet together last night and my husband was duly impressed with the quality of their cabinetry and the precision of their construction. He is an engineer by trade and a woodworker as a hobby so he has been very concerned with the flimsy quality and lack of preciseness of so many different cabinet lines we checked out. Barker is a definite go and I'm so happy about it!!!

williamsem...thank you so much for the reminder! I have included all the fillers and finished end panels, scribe molding, light rail and has been quite a process that has included many, many different measuring sessions!

CEFreeman...any tips you can pass along will be GREATLY appreciated!!

I'm drinking my coffee this morning and going over the order one last time. Then the wait begins. There's still a lot of work to do in the kitchen before they cabinets can be installed so I'm sure the time will go fast. I'll be sure to post a reveal when it's all done!!

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DC, that is so exciting! I just ordered a couple of sample doors. I have a long list of cabs in my cart too and still need to do a ton of tweaking. It sure can be nerve wracking!

Please post a picture if you can!


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This last post is dated Jan 2014. Do you have photos of your installed Barker kitchen and any tips you can pass onto a newbie considering RTA cabinetry?

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I have tons of pics and advice/tips/recommendations!!! We absolutely love our Barker kitchen. I will post again when I get off work this's a busy Friday here at work so I won't be able to do it until then. Here's one pic I posted recently...more to come later...

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Thanks for the quick responce. This photo looks great. We were considering IKEA. The nearest stores are Atlanta or Houston. This product may be more expensive, but it looks like it would be an easier RTA project with professional look. Anxiously waiting for moreā€¦..

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