Honeywell Thermostat setup codes

bill_g_webDecember 13, 2007


My Honeywell Vision Pro, TH8320U1008,thermostat recently started firing up the furnace a good 3 hours before it's programmed to. The screen indicates it's "Recovering from Schedule" instead of the normal "Following Schedule" message. I think the Adaptive Intelligent Recovery function may be damaged so I'm trying to turn it off. I go into setup and the highest code I see is 290, which if I change to a value of 1 or 2, I'll see more codes, namely, code 530, which toggles the Adptive Intelligent recovery function. My problem is that I can't seem to save my change to code 290 so the higher codes show.

Any ideas?



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It is normal for Adaptive Recovery to "get a head start" in conditioning the space. I wouldn't say it's messed up yet. The thermostat is smart and needs to "learn" your home. How long have you had it? It is a great thermostat by the way. I have the same one.

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We've had it for over 2 years but it may be that the the AIR feature was only recently enabled by a power surge when a truck hit a nearby pole, cutting power to a wide area. (Our cable box died from the surge that night.) Last night it started up closer to the scheduled time, just 45 minutes, so maybe it is learning.

Still, do you know what I'm doing wrong while trying to set function code 290 to value = 1 or 2 so I can access the higher codes? I hit the arrow key to change the value from 0 to 1, hit done, go back into setup mode and find the change never took. Maybe some codes aren't available on my model? Maybe I'm not operating it right?


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I'm going to leave this one to a pro. I'm just a homeowner who owns this thermostat (I did install it, though). All I can suggest is making sure any codes you have aren't conflicting, if that's possible.

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Don't press "done" until you're completely finished changing all options. Whenever you press "done," option 290 automatically resets to 0. The change to 290 doesn't need to be "saved" to take effect. You should be able to select options 300+ immediately after you set 290 to 2.

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Thanks much. That worked. (Thought I'd tried that.)


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Hi, I'm looking to install the same tstat. I have a question on function code 240. I don't see a "heat Pump" option number. Is is one of the code listed in the manual with no listing? What number should it be for a heat pump?

Thanks, Joe

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In 170, if you select heat pump, you wont have a 240 to make a selection

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