Ideas for anchoring condensor unit

jfls45December 8, 2012

I'm noticing the condensor unit is tippy and might need some anchoring down. We get occasional heavy winds and I'm not comfortable leaving it as is. I'm afraid it is going to rock back and forth, maybe even fall off a leg if the wind gets blowing hard enough. For sure it can't be good for it.

The pad is an E Lite Equipment pad and made of plastic, and hollow underneath. Not very solid for this application if you ask me.

A couple of ideas i'm kicking around is to support the unit with some wood, pull the pad out and slide a 24 x 24 concrete paver back under it with liquid nails applied to all surfaces. the other idea is to replace it with some pressure treated wood 6 x6 and 4x4.

I'm open to any suggestions how I can anchor this down better?

PS, Yes the lineset is already brazed in place, I realize I have to keep the heat pump unit at the same height.

Thanks in advance...

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what you have is very strong.

but I get it...I anchored my condensor down
because of hurricanes...and yeah I know
the house shelters the unit.

I bought the screw in the ground stakes
(like for dogs in the yard)& metal cables
to anchor the unit down. used the same
thing for my metal shed.

I priced trailer tie downs, and the dog
stake out things at hd & lowes.
then bought the same name brand screw in the dollar store. Lowes for
the metal cable & hardware.

peace of mind is worth a few bucks IMO.

best of luck

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I have this exact same mount for mt Heat Pump. I have no additional tie downs. It survived the Derecho storm that hit the Middle Atlantic last July 2nd.

I have no plans to add structure, however if you're in a high hurricane region I certainly can see your concern.

Energy rater seems to provide a reasonable solution.

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Given the weight and cross section to wind of a condensor it is not likely to be going anywhere, even in a hurricane.

Ground level winds are NEVER as high as even 5 feet above the ground.

If there is any movement of the platform you need to fix that.

Pea gravel is less likely to wash out than sand.

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